11 futuristic kitchen appliances that are actually useful

Lately, in the spirit of “throw out everything but the kitchen sink,” appliance makers have been eager to convince us that no oven is complete without a screen, camera, and personal voice assistant. Frankly, most of us still don’t trust Alexa to poach our morning eggs, and there are far better ways to use a device. clever these days. Enter another wave of kitchenware more concerned with useful gadgets than those unfortunate convenience-focused gadgets.

Inspired by the automotive industry, these devices respond to really practical problems – by adopting doors that do not require us to put down what we are carrying to open them, for example. In doing so, they explain what the house of the future should look like: not, perhaps, a science fiction movie in which ovens interact more with our phones than with our food, but rather a familiar environment in which things are just a little easier to use. Here are all the latest innovations – kitchen sink not included – to keep in mind before your next kitchen renovation.

Monogram 36″ Induction Cooktop

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Cool controls: Glide touch control panels allow you to set individual timers for each element – or merge two to accommodate large griddles.

The real innovation: A melting setting ensures easy preparation of chocolate and cheese sauces. ($6,130)

Gaggenau 400 Combi-Steamer

Futuristic kitchen gadgets GAGGENAU 400 COMBI-STEAM in office
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Cool controls: Carry a dish? Tap against the touch control module to easily open the door.

The real innovation: The hybrid combination of convection and steam cooking provides power while better sealing in moisture and flavor. ($8,580)

Terra Kaffe TK-01

futuristic kitchen gadgets TERRA KAFFE TK-01 in post
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Cool controls: A touchpad makes customizing drinks as easy as using the Starbucks app – with even better results.

The real innovation: The machine fully integrates a bean grinder (no pods!) and schedules its own cleaning outside opening hours. ($825)

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Bottle Opener

Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets Cuisinart 3-in-1 Bottle Opener in Post
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Cool controls: Its sleek, minimalist design makes it a welcome addition to your bar cart.

The real innovation: We’ve all had trouble opening bottles of wine. Impress your guests and remove your wine corks at the push of a button. No more embarrassment, no more broken corks – just happiness, style and convenience. ($100)

Sharp Microwave Drawer

futuristic kitchen gadgets microwave harp Drawer in post
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Cool controls: The hidden control panel gives a super sleek and integrated look.

The real innovation: The automatic drawer operating system is extremely convenient – the drawer opens with the touch of a button and closes smoothly with a light nudge, allowing you to close it even with your hands full. Additionally, various settings (including melt, soften, and reheat) help achieve more accurate results. (~$2,000)

Fellow Black Stagg Electric Kettle

futuristic kitchen gadgets FELLOW Black Stagg electric kettle in post
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Cool controls: It’s sleek, beautiful and compact – and while its long, precise gooseneck spout is stylish, it’s also necessary for optimal pouring flow.

The real innovation: With the turn of a knob, you can select the exact temperature you want to the nearest degree, then maintain it with 60-minute hold mode so you can boil (very quickly, might we add), jump in the shower or on a Zoom Meeting, and your water will always be blazing or however you like. ($215)

Revolutionary 2-slice toaster

Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets Revolution 2 Slice Toaster in Station
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Cool controls: Its touch screen, equipped with 63 precise toast settings, is not only high-tech but very practical.

The real innovation: Its built-in InstaGLO heating system reaches its “full glow” potential in two seconds, so burnishing is super fast and efficient – perfect for the guy on the go. ($500)

Ninja 2-Basket Air Fryer

futuristic kitchen gadgets air fryer ninja in post
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Cool controls: Did you really think you would go through this list and not see an air fryer? The air fryer is quite an innovative invention and has changed the cooking game for most. This one has six customizable programs to meet all your cooking needs.

The real innovation: The two independent cooking baskets are a real game-changer here, allowing you to cook two completely different foods at once (even foods that require different cooking temperatures) – making dinner prep a breeze. ($300)

Miele MasterCool II Push2open

futuristic kitchen gadgets MIELE MASTERCOOL II PUSH2OPEN in office
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Cool controls: Another handleless door that opens with a slight nudge.

The real innovation: The MasterFresh zone, which controls humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresh 5 times longer than typical refrigerator compartments. ($9,500)

Smeg Retro Style Citrus Juicer

futuristic kitchen gadgets SMEG Retro-Style Citrus Juicer in post
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Cool controls: OK, we know it might sound a bit ironic – to include a device with the word “retro” in its name to a list of futuristic gadgets, but hear us out. This juicer is somehow both retro-inspired and state-of-the-art. It looks cool and will look great sitting on your counter.

The real innovation: A powerful motor, on-off sensor, juice catcher, drip-free spout and dust cover are just a few of its smart features. It may be simple, but it efficiently squeezes citrus fruits to perfection while avoiding spills and minimizing cleanup. It doesn’t get much more effective (or delicious) than that. ($290)

Caesar Maxima 2.2

futuristic kitchen gadgets CESAR MAXIMA 2.2 in office
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With their all-black aesthetic, many kitchen appliances could now pass for fancy stereo equipment, meaning singles no longer have any excuse for a counter full of empty take-out containers. Transfer the black theme to your cabinetry with Cesar’s suave Maxima 2.2 system. (Price upon request)

Karl M. Bailey