5 Best Electric Kitchen Appliances Up To 56% Off

Cooking can be difficult without the necessary kitchen appliances in store. But it often becomes difficult to understand which kitchen appliances are right for you and whether they even fit the budget! Guess what? Amazon is having a jaw-dropping sale this summer and offering amazing discounts on all kinds of kitchen appliances. Amazon’s Summer Sale started on May 4, 2022, and the website-wide sale has deals on all kinds of kitchen essentials! Here we have shortlisted a variety of electric kitchen appliances which are available for up to 56% off.

Amazon Summer Sale 2022: 5 kitchen electrical appliances with up to 56% off

1. Smart Fingers Comfort Plus Benchtop Wet Grinder

Smart Finger’s Wet Grinder can be used to glue anything from beans to lentils. The grinder has granite stone plates that roll against another stone plate so that the grains can be ground into a fine powder. It comes with a hands-free batter dump that allows you to scoop any batter out of the container without making a mess! This product was for INR 8,999/- and now it is for INR 7,041/-

2. Philips Digital Air Fryer

The Philips Digital Air Fryer features Rapid Air technology that allows you to grill, bake, roast and even reheat your favorite foods. You can cook delicious and crispy food with 90% less fat. It comes with 7 cooking presets. This air fryer was for INR 11,995/- and now it’s just for INR 9,099/-

3. Philips Viva Induction Cooktop

Sleek and compact, this induction hob from Philips has a 1.2 meter long cord for convenient use. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen with new appliances, this product will be perfect. This product was for INR 5,595/- and it’s only for INR 2,693/-

4. Bajaj rice cooker

Bajaj’s rice cooker comes with an anodized finish. The anodized finish gives the bowl durability and makes it corrosion resistant. The aluminum bowl heats up quickly and saves cooking time. The rice cooker comes with cool touch handles. The cooker has a capacity of 1.8 liters, allowing you to cook 1 kilogram of rice, easily! It was for INR 2700/- and now it’s for INR 1696/-

5. Glen Egg Boiler

This product from Lifelong comes with a stainless steel body and a flat griddle that helps boil up to 8 eggs at a time in minutes. Additionally, it also has an auto-off button that automatically shuts off once the eggs are boiled or poached. It allows you to choose from three boiling modes: soft, medium and strong according to taste. This egg boiler was for INR 2,495/- and now it’s for INR 1,495/-

Karl M. Bailey