5 best kitchen appliances you can gift this Shaadi season


Here are the best kitchen appliances you could go for.

Come winters and we are surrounded by festivities and occasions! Since the last few months are also seen as ripe for new starts, the country’s Shaadi season has a huge peak starting in November. The exchange of gifts is common during this time. Especially if you are a close friend or relative, giving a functional and practical gift becomes important on your part. And if you don’t know how to pull off the giveaways game this season, don’t worry! Here we have a list of kitchen essentials that you can gift this season that will enhance any given kitchen setup.

5 best kitchen appliances to give as a gift:

1. Air fryer:

As nearly all of us move towards a healthier, oil-free life, we’re sure the bride and groom would love to have an air fryer in their kitchen. An air fryer is easy to use and maintain and will make cooking an easy job for the couple. This Inalsa lightweight air fryer has a 4.2 liter cooking capacity perfect for a small family. It is equipped with rapid 360 degree heat technology that ensures minimal or no oil use, efficient cooking and a crispy exterior on all items.

2. Centrifuges:

Yet another essential kitchen appliance in any kitchen. A juicer not only helps you make fresh homemade juice every morning, but also ensures that your consumption of anything healthy will be delicious too. This Prestige juicer can effortlessly extract fruit juices without any problem. It is powered by a 500 watt motor and is designed to deliver the best performance. One can easily extract fresh fruit juices from hard and soft fruits with ease. It can produce 4 glasses of juice with each use.

3. Microwave:

A convection microwave oven can be considered a blessing in today’s busy world. From heating to grilling, broiling and even baking, a microwave oven is one of the most multifunctional devices one can offer anyone. This Morphy Richards convection microwave oven comes with 200 auto cook menus. It is made of stainless steel and allows better reflection of microwave rays for faster and even heating. It is also equipped with a few other important functions such as automatic reheat, keep warm and deodorant.

4. Coffee makers:

With the urban population becoming addicted to their morning cup of coffee, we are sure that a coffee maker will be the most effective gift a newlyweds will receive. This Philips coffee maker can brew up to 7 cups and has a simple drip-free mechanism to stop brewing whenever you want. The product features aroma twisters that circulate the coffee for optimal taste, a water level indication for easy refilling, non-slip feet and an illuminated power switch.

5. Toaster:

Another essential part of a quick breakfast, a toaster is a must have if you want a hassle-free breakfast. Gone are the days when toasters used to take more time and energy and toast there are only 2 slices of bread. This Morphy Richards pop-up toaster can hold up to 4 slices of bread and features an automatic high-rise lift feature that allows for easy ejection and removal of all types of bread. It is equipped with a bread centering guide that helps keep bread in the center for even browning and a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning a lot easier.

There you go, choose from these kitchen essentials to give this Shaadi season.


Karl M. Bailey