5 Window Air Conditioners We Don’t Hate

Buy something you need on something you want is never fun, which tends to be the case with most homewares, especially the bullion coins. But as summer gets hotter and the world keeps getting worse, it’s officially time to upgrade your horror of a window air conditioner or finally invest in your first. What makes buying these expensive units literally no fun at all? Well, for starters, the thought of how ugly they are, how expensive they are, and don’t forget about the dreaded installation. Yet, it must be done. And the good news is that the process doesn’t have to be all that painful.

Long gone are the days of heading to your dad’s favorite Sears for what looked like a real piece of junk. Now in fashion direct-to-consumer brands and big names in tech are creating more advanced, sleeker designs that make oldies look like clunky cassette players in the eyes of Gen Z.

How to buy a window air conditioner

Window air conditioners are specially designed for those who live in a house or apartment without an air conditioning system built into the walls. While stand-alone air conditioners exist, models designed for windows are simply more efficient, cleaner, and space-saving.

Some things to consider when buying one: noise, price, style and BTUs. If you don’t know exactly what BTUs are, then you’re normal. Companies use the British Thermal Unit (BTU) as the standard measurement rating for air conditioner outlets. Although they are all plugged into the wall, the number of BTUs will determine the power of the machine and the square footage it can cool. Normal thresholds range from 6,000 to 14,000. We suggest around 10,000 for a larger living room, or 7,000 for a larger bedroom.

We’ve listed each of our top picks ahead of time, so all you have to do is choose the best looking one, with the best price and, of course, the right specs. Not asking too much, right? That’s why we’ve only chosen five options, because buying these products should be easy.

Karl M. Bailey