60k bdt fridges: Our top picks for Ramadan 2022

Nowadays, owning a refrigerator means maintaining health and leading a healthy life. Although we primarily use refrigerators to store food and keep it fresh, refrigerators can also slow down germs in food, reducing food spoilage and bacteria growth. This coming Ramadan, refrigerators will be essential to store food for Iftar and Sehri. Check out our top affordable fridge picks that will help you keep your Ramadan meals fresh and healthy.

Walton | WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (inverter)

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The latest nanotechnology in Walton refrigerators improves overall performance, making it a reliable and long-lasting food storage option. With the latest technology, the sleek look is a great bonus and upgrade to the look of the kitchen. This model uses Intelligent Inverter technology, making it one of the most energy efficient refrigerators available locally. Nano-Silver/Nano-Healthcare technology guarantees a bacteria-free and economical product.

Price: Tk. 37,990-42,000/-

Capacity: 348 liters

Compressor: Inverter BLDC

Store: Waltonbd.com, Daraz

Samsung | RB21KMFH5SK/D3

The Twin Cooling Plus technology of Samsung refrigerators produces a climate suitable for maintaining the freshness of food, with 70% humidity compared to 30% in a traditional frost-free refrigerator. It comes with a built-in natural odor eliminator, which is basically a sanitizing filter that removes odors. It also comes with a mono-cooling system and a Digital Inverter compressor.

Price: TK. 33,000-35,000/-

Capacity: 218 liters

Compressor: Digital Inverter

Shop: electrabd.com, samsung.com/bd


LG refrigerators feature Hygiene FRESH+ technology, which eliminates 99% of microorganisms. Plus, the same technology keeps the refrigerator odor-free. These refrigerators also have a multi-airflow function and offer easy-to-use features to control the temperature and plenty of space to store food. Currently, the most cost effective LG refrigerator model to buy would be the 284 liter refrigerator with Smart Inverter Compressor and Door Cooling+ technologies.

Price: 44,500 to 46,900 Tk

Capacity: 284 liters

Compressor: Smart Inverter

Store: butterflygroupbd.com, bestelectronicsltd.com

Vision | Refrigerator GD RE 150L Daisy Red F TM

The Vision GD RE-150L refrigerator is elegant in appearance and reliable, capable of storing a decent amount of food for a long time. The condenser of this refrigerator is made entirely of copper, the model using R600a refrigerant without CFCs or HCFCs. As a result, this eco-friendly model will ensure that your environment is safe too. In addition, it is a local manufacturing brand that is produced with Italian technology. Although it is a bit smaller in capacity than the other refrigerators on this list, it is reasonably priced for any home kitchen.

Price: 24,000 to 26,000 Tk

Capacity: 150 liters

Compressor: LG

Shop: Vision.com.bd, othoba.com

Singer | Refrigerator-208L-Black-208R-BG

Singer offers Direct-Cool refrigerators with a traditional appearance that uses Fast-Freeze technology to keep your food fresh for longer. With its 208 liter capacity, you can store and preserve more fresh and chilled food. They started using R600a, an environmentally harmless gas, as a refrigerant more than a year ago. This means that your refrigerator has a lower environmental effect. The antibacterial seal prevents fungi and bacteria from entering the refrigerator and forming a biofilm, while the A+ energy consumption function saves electricity. The use of multiple airflow cooling technologies keeps the entire frozen space at the same temperature.

Price: 32,490-32,990 Tk/-

Capacity: 208 liters

Compressor: MM1110Y

Store: singerbd.com, Daraz

pointed | SJ-EK301E-SS

This Sharp fridge comes with amazing features to keep your food fresh and healthy. Ag+ Nano Air Freshener keeps your refrigerator odor free and fresh. Tempered glass shelves increase durability and usability. The sleek design makes your refrigerator stand out in your home. Japanese technology provides lower energy consumption, even internal temperature, faster freezing and quiet operation. Overall, this is a durable, aesthetically pleasing fridge that delivers the reliable performance expected of its price range.

Price: 53,000 to 55,000 taka

Capacity: 241 liters

Cooling System: Fan

Store: esquireelectronicsltd.com, bestelectronicsltd.com

Karl M. Bailey