A man has been sentenced to prison for harassing a TV star and setting his home on fire

A stalker who started a fire in the carport of Trollops TV star Denise Welch’s home, leaving her ‘freaked out’, has been jailed.

Toraq Wyngard, 64, who was found with a kitchen blade in his backpack, caused £4,285 in damage after the fire spread.

The former Royal Party Road entertainer has told Manchester Crown Court that her activities have “transformed” her.

He was imprisoned for a considerable time and seven months for tracking, arson, possession of a blade and assault and battery.

This is what the court heard, shortly before 11.00pm BST on September 19, 2020, Wyngard lit a fire in a skirt outside the house the entertainer is giving to his better half Lincoln Townley in Cheshire .

Ms Welch, who appeared via video link from the US, said she was informed of the fire by the ‘scream’ of her significant other when an individual from the public knocked on their entrance after having recognized the flames.

Accused Gareth Bellis said CCTV showed a man wearing an unmistakable baseball cap checking out the property before appearing to dump a catalyst into the dumpster and put it on the ground.

The fire spread to the carport.

Wyngard, of Gun Road, Salford, was later captured nearby wearing the cap, wrapped in metal identifications, and police found a kitchen blade in his backpack.

The court heard he claimed to be a press photographer after police found two cameras in his bag.

Officials also found various cameras, some clandestine, and lenses during an investigation at his home.

On February 10, 2021, as Wyngard was being delivered under review, Ms. Welch and Mr. Townley found the words “witch” and “pimp” next to an upside-down cross scrawled on their front entrance in marker blue, the court heard.

CCTV showed Wyngard dialing in the spray paint and he was also seen at a nearby store buying the pen.

Ms Welch told the court: ‘This whole experience alarmed me and continues to do so.

“It transformed me. I have a great life and this man marked it forever,” she said.

The court heard the couple are currently burning £2,000 a month for extra security.

Wyngard confessed to the following charges at a conference last September, but his sentencing was postponed after he later attempted to amend his claims, ensuring he was “forced” to concede the offences, the court heard.

His request to change his pleas was denied, but surety Louise Cowen said Wyngard had maintained he was not to blame.

She said he suffered from bipolar disorder full of feelings and neglected to take his medication.

Sentencing Wyngard, Judge Michael Leeming said: ‘You have not communicated a single expression of disappointment, not a single expression of concern for your victims by any means.

“Your main concern is for your own benefits.”

Speaking after the meeting, lead Crown investigator Angela Rowan said Toraq Wyngard had done “everything he could to refrain from looking at what he had done” and had “attempted to disappointing interaction with the court during these proceedings, creating an unnecessary setback”.

She said she was grateful to Ms Welch and those close to her “for showing persistence in allowing fairness to win”.

“I hope the current sentence and demand limitation gives them some harmony,” she added.

Karl M. Bailey