best air conditioner under 25,000 : Best air conditioners under 25,000 to keep you cool

The summer season is at its peak and the monsoon is knocking on the door during the humid days, so we just need the right air conditioner to keep us comfortable in all weather conditions and also have all the advanced features to match. our style. We’ve compiled a list of highly-rated and customer-recommended units to help you choose your air conditioner easily. These window and split models are available in different tonnages to meet your room needs and come with a 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the compressor. So if you want to change your old air conditioner or maybe get one for that extra room, these products will be a smart choice for you.

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1. AmazonBasics Split AC 1 Ton (2020)

AmazonBasics products have proven to be a worthwhile purchase across all categories. This BEE 3-star non-inverting 1 ton air conditioner with high airflow volume allows cool air to reach every corner, making it more efficient at high temperatures. It is a suitable option for small rooms

Team product line

The 4-stage filtration system keeps visible and invisible pollutants out, making the air healthier to breathe. AC sleep mode comes with a hidden screen and maintains a comfortable temperature by reducing overcooling and power consumption. A 100% copper condenser and Blue-fin anti-corrosion coating are added for durability and to ensure AC protection even in extreme weather conditions.

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2. AmazonBasics Split AC 1.5 Ton (2019)

Getting a 1.5 ton split AC under 25k from a trusted brand is like a win-win situation. If your small rooms are not cooled by a 1 ton air conditioner, this is the option for you. Along with a 3-star BEE rating and 3.56 ISEER rating (better than industry benchmarks) for higher energy savings, this air conditioner has features like an antibacterial coating, a dust filter, a dehumidifier and an air purifier.

AmazonBasics Split AC 1.5 Ton (2019)Team product line

Turbo mode keeps the room cool even at 48 degrees with its high airflow. The digital display is smartly integrated into the sleek body design which can be turned off for a disturbance-free experience. Also, the AC fan motor runs for an additional 40 seconds after being turned off via the remote control to clean water from the evaporator coil.

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3. Lloyd 1 Ton AC Window

The smart and sleek design of this AC window is suitable for your office and home, as its tonnage is suitable for small to medium rooms up to 100 square feet. It has a 3-star energy rating, an ISEER value of 2.97 and an annual energy consumption of 808.94 units.

Lloyd 1 Ton Window ACTeam product line

The air conditioner has a noise level of 52 dB, which is as quiet as an air conditioner can get. The powerful dehumidification unit works alternately in cooling or ventilation mode and ensures efficient operation without lowering the room temperature. The hydrophilic aluminum fins protect the condenser from rust, thus increasing the life of the condenser coil and the 100% grooved copper tubes improve cooling and also guarantee the durability of the product.

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4. Blue Star 0.8 Ton AC Window

The 2022 Blue star model is cool comfort that’s also easy on the pocket. The AC offers double efficiency – its turbo cooling provides rapid cooling in minutes and the energy-efficient rotary compressor uses low power and helps you save on your electricity bills.

Blue Star 0.8 Ton Window ACTeam product line

The AC remembers the last set mode and automatically resumes operation with the same preset mode, ensuring convenience after power outages. The self-diagnosis function alerts the user of any malfunction of the air conditioner, with an error code, which allows for faster resolution.‎ Its extremely low noise level of 48 dB makes operation extremely quiet and comfortable.‎

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5. Voltas 1 Ton Window AC

TATA Voltas has the slogan “Voltas India ka AC” as it has been serving India with trustworthy ACs for 6 decades. This AC window is economical and easy to install as the brand will reach you within 24-36 hours of delivery for installation. One of the buyers comments that “Without noise, our room cools down in minutes”. It has an Eco mode to optimize energy consumption and save your electricity bill.

Voltas 1 Ton Window ACTeam product line

2-stage filtration removes allergens, odors, dust and other harmful particles to give you fresh, fresh air. The active dehumidifier senses indoor humidity and controls it during the monsoon and the timer and sleep mode maintain a comfortable temperature by reducing overcooling and energy consumption, so you sleep comfortably through the night.

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6. O General 0.75 ton Window AC

O General is a name that needs no introduction to the AC world and getting one for such a low price is a steal. Don’t judge the book by its cover as we all know how capable General AC O’s can be even with 0.75 tonnage. The noise level drops as low as 46dB which is a considerable feature.

O General 0.75 ton Window ACTeam product line

Superwave technology, blue fin condenser and high airflow dramatically cool the room within minutes of operation. This 5 star air conditioner also comes with an auto restart feature.

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Q1. What tonnage of air conditioning is perfect for a small room?

Answer : The AC tonnage depends on the size of the part. For example, a one-ton alternating current is more than enough for a small room (

2. What is the standard sound level of air conditioners?

Answer : The sound level of the air conditioner is measured in dB. 40 to 50 dB is considered a good quiet range for ACs. The lower the dB measurement, the better.

3. How do I know if AC power is energy efficient?

Answer : The measure of an air conditioner’s energy efficiency is the unit’s star rating, standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The higher the star rating, the better the energy efficiency.

4. What is the best AC under 25k?

Answer : O General 0.75 ton 5-Star Window AC with low noise and excellent performance results for Rs. 25,990 is considered the best under 25k.

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