Best Convertible Fridges for Your Home on Amazon India

Stock up on essentials and keep them fresh longer by investing in one of these smart and efficient convertible fridges

Wouldn’t it be great if we could stock up on our favorite drinks, vegetables and fruits and save a few trips to the market? Well, your wishful thinking can turn into reality if you bring home a convertible fridge! These fridges allow you to store plenty of food and groceries by converting the freezer into a refrigerator and using all that extra space that would normally be wasted. Here are some of the best convertible fridges you can buy on Amazon in no time!

Samsung RF57A5232B1/TL

This convertible refrigerator from Samsung will not only enhance the style and appearance of your kitchen, but will also help you store food efficiently and safely. It has a capacity of 579 liters and a 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor. This side-by-side frost-free refrigerator has an automatic defrost function, a spacious freezer and a water dispenser. You can convert the freezer into a fridge and create extra space of up to 199 litres! Its Twin Cooling Plus function regulates the temperature and humidity level in the fridge and freezer. It can be used to store large bottles or jugs during the summer season and quickly chill your groceries or drinks with the click of a button, as a quick blast of cold air results. The Easy Access control enhances its usability, ensuring a friendly experience for children, the elderly and people with disabilities.


This convertible refrigerator from Whirlpool has a huge capacity of 355 litres. It uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure proper cooling so fruits and vegetables stay crisp and fresh longer. As the name suggests, its freezer can be used as a refrigerator when you want to stock up on vegetables, fruits or groceries, as it offers 10 modes that help you adjust its configurations according to your daily needs! It is equipped with advanced microprocessors and Intellisensor sensors, which analyze consumption based on frequent door openings, weather conditions, temperature, etc., and ensure optimal cooling. The Avante Garde design gives your kitchen an elegant look. It is specially designed for Indian households, thus featuring 30:70 freezer-fridge capacity, spacious storage box, portable ice cream twister, door bin, etc. Whirlpool claims its Adaptive Intelligence technology helps keep food fresh for up to 15 days and kills up to 99% of bacteria so you can enjoy nutritious food longer.


LG is known as one of the most trusted brands for home appliances, so it’s no surprise that we included the LG GL-S292RDSX in this list. It houses a Smart Inverter compressor that is energy efficient and provides faster cooling for longer freshness retention and noise-free operation. This convertible fridge lets you convert the freezer to a fridge with just a touch (for those times when you need to stock up on essentials). Its multi-airflow cooling vents help circulate cool air to every corner for even cooling. Its edgeless tempered glass shelves can support heavy items. The special mesh-type crisper lid prevents excessive moisture build-up so vegetables stay fresh longer. Its advanced features such as Smart Diagnosis and Auto Smart Connect help you diagnose any problem your fridge may be having and connect it to the inverter in the event of a power outage.

Haier HEB-25TDS-E

Here is yet another reliable convertible refrigerator that allows you to store food efficiently with its 8-in-1 convertible mode. This mode can meet all your refrigeration needs, as these modes are innovatively designed to store fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods for a longer period of time in all seasons. It features a double bottom door which adds to its sleek design. Twin Inverter technology ensures that the fan motor and compressor can run on direct current, reducing fluctuations. This 256 liter fridge is ideal for medium-sized families and has been awarded a 3-star energy rating by BEE. The refrigerator has PUF insulation, which can effectively retain low temperatures and provide better cooling. Its spacious vegetable box keeps vegetables fresh and crispy for longer. Finally, its tempered glass shelves can hold and withstand heavy containers, pots and pans.

Karl M. Bailey