Best French Door Refrigerators – Consumer Reports

During testing, we equip each refrigerator with thermocouples in an air-conditioned chamber and monitor it for a month, collecting over 5.4 million temperature readings that identify hot and cold spots to determine which models will keep your food fresher longer. We also take into account survey data from thousands of CR members to judge brand reliability and satisfaction.

We use all of this data, and then some, to inform CR’s refrigerator rating tables and the overall score for each model. And to help you find the best refrigerator for your specific kitchen, we also organize our reviews by refrigerator width. The world’s best refrigerator is no good if it doesn’t fit in your kitchen crack.

Below we review the six best French door refrigerators in three standard widths. The models, manufactured by LG and Whirlpool, are listed in order of overall rating. RC members can read individual ratings and reviews.

For even more options, check out our full refrigerator reviews. And if you don’t know where to start on your refrigerator buying journey, check out our in-depth refrigerator buying guide.

Note: In addition to the models below, our reviews contain similar untested models, which are expected to provide identical performance. We haven’t included them here in order to highlight a wider range of options. In some cases, when a CR tested model has been discontinued, we will instead highlight a similar model.

Karl M. Bailey