Best multi-door fridges under 90,000: perfect for large families

Best Multi-Door Refrigerators Under $90,000: Refrigerators are simply irreplaceable, they not only store food or edibles but also keep them fresh and hygienic. The market is full of options as many brands offer refrigerators with multiple features. But if you are looking for a high performance product fridge for your family of more than 5 members, then check out the best multi-door fridges under 90,000 here.

These fridges are equipped with all the latest features such as rapid ice build, auto defrost, smart inverter technology for better cooling, and more that keep food fresh longer and have plenty of room to organize everything in a better way. . Make a one-time investment and select the best refrigerator for your family.

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Refrigerators under 90,000 in India

Familiarize yourself with multi-door refrigerators under 90,000 here which are best for large families with 5+ members which come with multiple features.

LG Multi-Door Refrigerator – 679 L

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This LG refrigerator has several doors and is very suitable for large families of more than 5 people. It comes with an automatic defrost function to prevent ice buildup and the linear inverter compressor provides even cooling with less noise and better durability.

The 600 L of mega capacity allows you to better organize your storage. It has multiple air vents that distribute cool air to every corner of the refrigerator. LG’s smart diagnostics solve problems faster and it’s one of the best multi-door refrigerators. LG refrigerator price: Rs 87,590.

Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator – 700 L

Samsung fridge

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This Samsung multi-door fridge comes with rapid cooling to keep food fresh, chill drinks and make ice in less time. The comprehensive cooling system checks the temperature and blows cool air to keep food fresh.

It has a very large crisper box for storing fruits and vegetables and also comes with a door alarm which goes off if the door is left open. This Best Samsung refrigerator comes in a sleek design that definitely adds more value to your kitchen. Samsung refrigerator price: Rs 80,940.

Whirlpool 240 L multi-door refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator

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This multi-door fridge from Whirlpool features 3 door benefits like better cooling retention, no mixing of odors and up to 32L of storage space. Zeolite technology prevents over-ripening of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh longer.

It uses less energy than others and that’s why it is one of the most efficient refrigerators on our list. It also comes with custom cooling technology so you can adjust the cooling to suit your needs. Whirlpool Fridge Price: Rs 26,390.

Hisense Multi-Door Refrigerator – 507 L

hisense refrigerator

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This Hisense refrigerator comes with a capacity of 507L, which is best suited for large families. It is equipped with a durable inverter compressor which ensures a stable temperature, saves energy and is unique with a durable service life.

Dual-technology cooling circulates air over each shelf and maintains a consistent temperature to stay cool. It comes with 6 separate freezing zones for each type of food like meat, ice cream, etc. Hisense Fridge Price: Rs 62,990.

Panasonic Econavi 551 L Multi-Door Refrigerator

panasonic fridge

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This Panasonic multi-door refrigerator has an automatic defrost function and is ideal for large families with more than 5 members. It features AG Clean Technology which deactivates bacteria by 99% and keeps food healthy and hygienic. The digital inverter compressor makes it smarter, consumes less power and makes it durable enough. Panasonic Fridge Price: Rs 79,499.

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