Best Top Freezer Refrigerators – Consumer Reports


When replacing a refrigerator that is dead, one of the main questions you probably ask yourself is: will the new refrigerator last? If this is your main concern, you should definitely consider a model with the freezer on top.

Top-freezer refrigerators may not be all the rage now, they only account for 5% of new refrigerators purchased by Consumer Reports members, but surveys of CR members consistently show that freezer refrigerator brands higher scores achieve high reliability scores, often higher than scores of the same brands. for other refrigerator configurations. A high reliability rating means that your chances of having a problem with a new refrigerator within the first five years of ownership are low.

“Top freezers are rudimentary models,” says Larry Ciufo, Refrigerator Test Engineer at CR. “The more complicated the refrigerators, the more likely they are to break. Many top freezers, for example, lack the components that seem to break most often – an ice maker and dispenser. This is because top freezers typically have few of the features found on French door and side-by-side refrigerators. And the controls are often hard to reach and not intuitive, so scores of Fair and Bad, especially among the narrower models, predominate on our ease of use test. Still, these models are undeniably more wallet-friendly. In fact, one of our top rated models costs less than $ 600.


Karl M. Bailey