Best TV Shows, 2022 – The Most Anticipated TV Series of 2022

Nothing is more encouraging than the start of a calendar year. You might say: what if you win the lottery? What about the birth of a new child? The first day of a new job? To all of those, I double the bet: the start of the calendar year wins, because it’s the only option that ignites the excitement of a new year of television.

2022 has a lot to do when it comes to our home entertainment, with 2021 Easttown Mare and Wanda Vision and squid game always in our minds. I mean, my god. But the thing about a promising year ahead is that the deals look so sweet and good that you’ll surely go back to never thinking about rural Pennsylvania again. Mare and hoagies? No time for that! Not with a the Lord of the Rings fallout and game of thrones prequel to the books. And that’s not even mentioning the much-loved pre-existing series that will be returning: Ted Lasso has a confirmed third season and we’ll finally (read: much later than we’d like) to get a sense of what’s going on in the world of The crown.

Here are the 10 series we’re most looking forward to at Esquire in 2022.


Station Eleven (now streaming)

did half of station elevenare the episodes coming out in 2021? Sure. But television cannot be limited to a single calendar year. Sometimes it’s murky, and you just have to deal with it, especially when a series as special as station eleven comes along. Set in a post-pandemic world (it’s not as dreary as it sounds!), the series follows a number of characters as their paths cross and ideologies about what this new world is all about. should look like clash.

Based on the brilliant performances of Himesh Patel, Mackenzie Davis and Lori Petty, HBO’s adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel’s novel is a beautiful look at damage, optimism and the human spirit.

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Yellowjackets (now streaming)

Again, a show that premiered in late 2021. But it would be criminal to leave yellow jackets off the list. A true mystery series from start to finish, Showtime’s drama is rooted in ’90s nostalgia, teenage angst and just a little bit of cannibalism. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that the show is about a high school girl’s soccer team whose plane crashes in the middle of the woods, where they get stranded for 19 months.

Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci are dark and hilarious in the series that has captured the attention of fan theory aficionados everywhere.

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Euphoria (January 2022)

It’s been over two years since we’ve had a full season of Euphoria, but Rue and all of her troubled but endearing teenage friends are finally back. Will there be drugs? Surely. Will there be another musical number? I mean, damn it, watch the teaser. Whatever your expectations, the second season of Euphoria will make you grateful that you grew up in a time that is no longer now.

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As We See It (January 2022)

This new Amazon series of Friday night lights Creator Jason Katmis follows three young people in their twenties, each on the autism spectrum, as they move in together. (If you’re a Katmis fan, you know tears are on the horizon.)


Pam and Tommy (February 2022)

Look at Lily James in the photo. It’s (television) magic! The story of Pam and Tommy will, plot-wise, be pretty obvious to anyone who lived through the ’90s, but the former couple’s outrageous union is rekindled for 2021 audiences…videotape and all.


Inventing Anna (February 2022)

Based on New York magazine story that almost everyone has read (don’t check this claim), Netflix Invent Anna is the latest feature film from Shonda Rhimes, which follows the story of Anna Delvey: a New York socialite who is, decidedly, not who she seems to be. Rather than a born elite, she has carved her way into a life most only dream of.


The Last of Us (early 2022)

For fans of the video game, this new HBO series is both exciting and intimidating. Often with video game adaptations into shows or movies, something seems to get lost in translation, but the new version The last of us promises loyalty to its source material. Prepare us for the next apocalypse.


Ted Lasso (Summer 2022)

Come on, all of you. It’s Ted Lasso. Renewed for a third season, Ted Lasso will pick up after the events of season two and the downfall of good guy Nate, which took a bad turn for the worse. Come for the good vibes, stay for Trent Crimm, once again The Independent.


The Lord of the Rings (September 2022)

We haven’t seen much in terms of actual footage of the entire the Lord of the Rings series coming from Amazon, but given the hype – and the budget – it’s bound to be one of the most talked about series of the year. Focusing on “the portrayal of previously unexplored stories based on the works of Tolkien”, the series delves into the evils of Middle-earth.


The Crown (November 2022)

We are officially in the final stage of The crownscheduled race. With a new Queen Elizabeth in Imelda Staunton, the fifth season will launch us into the downfall of Diana and Charles’ marriage, and possibly the death of the people’s princess.


House of the Dragon (TBD 2022)

Burn me and call me a Targaryen. The next HBO teaser game of thrones prequel, Dragon House, is a tantalizing glimpse into what promises to be another otherworldly epic. And, as the name suggests, the series will give us the dragons we deserve.


She-Hulk (TBD 2022)

Jennifer Walters is about to get rid of some clothes. That’s all there is to She-Hulk, you know? Fall out of bed, stumble in the kitchen, lose your shit, become a superhero. Classic. The series will follow Tatiana Maslanay in the role, which is set to debut later in 2022 on Disney+.

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