Billie McKay wins MasterChef Australia Fans and Favorites award and creates history

Billie McKay won MasterChef Australia Fans and Favorites and became the show’s first double winner. Previously, she won season 7 of the cooking reality show.

Billie McKay has won season 14 of MasterChef Australia.


  • Billie McKay won the MasterChef Australia Fans and Favorites award.
  • She made history by winning the show twice.
  • She is also a winner of Masterchef AU 14.

“I think it’s very unlikely that a winner will come back and win again, we’ll go for it,” Billie McKay said as she walked into the kitchen at MasterChef Australia. However, she created history and won fans and MasterChef Australia favorites. The Season 7 winner was one of the strongest contenders to lift the trophy.


Billie McKay was pitted against Sarah Todd for the MasterChef Australia final. Season 14 ended on a high note on July 12 with Billie winning the show.

As Billie returned to MasterChef Australia, she said: “It’s amazing to be back in MasterChef’s kitchen. The adrenaline, the buzz…and the pressure…are out of this world. I think it’s very unlikely for a winner to come back and win again. We’ll try.

Billie became MasterChef Australia’s first double winner. She made history by winning season 7 and season 14.


Season 7 winner Billie returned to the MasterChef kitchen this year. She loves creating new dishes and is always interested in exploring new ideas. She impressed the judges and the audience at home with her ability to concoct sublime dishes and unexpected flavor pairings.
She may have had a few pressure tests on the show, but her fans never saw her worry. She is known to be calm and composed in stressful situations, which is much needed in the MasterChef kitchen.

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Karl M. Bailey