BlueStar® Announces Integrated Column Refrigerators and Freezers with Unparalleled Personalization, Maximum Storage and Chef-Inspired Features | State

Brandon, Pennsylvania, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – BlueStar®, The maker of high-performance, customizable devices for home use has expanded its award-winning premium freezer line with all new integrations Column refrigerator and freezer It features luxurious stainless steel and glass interiors and unrivaled options for custom styles. The new column features BlueStar®, including fully extendable oversized drawers and drawers, designed to meet the needs of a true chef’s kitchen in terms of performance and design, as well as oversized capacity. Provides functionality.

“BlueStar’s trademark is unmatched personalization and professional-level performance. Today’s customers can personalize, personalize the interior to suit their lifestyle, and come up with a variety of colors, trims and configurations to suit their style. I am looking for a device that can personalize the exterior, ”said Eliza shefield, President of Blue Star®. “Our new column refrigerators and freezers give our customers unlimited design freedom when planning a large chef’s kitchen.

Unlimited design flexibility

New integration Column refrigerator and freezer It can be customized to suit different configurations and styles. Columns are panel-compatible and can be integrated seamlessly into the cabinet, but customers can also opt for traditional stainless steel for a more professional look. Or choose from a palette of over 1000 colors specifically for BlueStar®, or create custom colors to match other kitchen decor and cabinetry. Ten metal trim options including brushed brass, antique brass, antique copper and pewter are available for a unique finish. BlueStar® can also customize the color of the device to paint the color or match the paint color to the device. All of the column products can be tuned with BlueStar’s high performance cookware and fans to complete a fully customized BlueStar® kitchen suite.

Unlike traditional freezing, the BlueStar® vertical refrigeration column can be easily combined with any size freezer column. BlueStar® column refrigerators are available in 24 “and 30” sizes. Freezers are available in 18 inch, 24 inch, and 30 inch sizes. You can combine the two to display them side by side or build a beautiful “chilled wall”. Fridge and freezer brackets are available with left hinges. As it is a swing door or a right hinged swing door, it can be installed on either side of each other or installed at both ends of the kitchen. The design possibilities are endless.

“Integrated columns are gaining popularity among interior designers and homeowners as they provide professional-grade performance, convenience and complete design flexibility. With unparalleled color and finish options, we’re excited to take customization to the next level. “Sheffield.

Available in 24-inch and 30-inch sizes, the Column Refrigerator offers unparalleled capacity and customization options with professional-grade performance. Featuring a stainless steel and glass interior, these professional all-in-one refrigerators feature a fully extendable slide-out tray that fits into a seat pan, making it easy to chill signature cooking preparations. BlueStar®. The oversized, fully extended crisper drawer provides deep storage and full visibility. Superb LED lighting makes it easy to find items. The easy-to-use touchscreen controls have a Sabbath Mode and a Shopping Mode, ideal for re-warming food after it returns from the market.

The BlueStar® column freezer is available in three sizes: 18 “, 24” and 30 “. These freezers have a sturdy construction, a commercial style design, full extension metal drawers and super bright LED lighting. Automatic ice maker with Super Ice This function increases ice production by 50% and allows multiple sizes of ice cubes Fast bottle cooler for cooling drinks quickly for up to 45 minutes Designed for.

Design and integration Pennsylvania Since 1880, BlueStar® cooking, refrigeration and ventilation products have been handcrafted for discerning home chefs who seek restaurant-quality results in their kitchens. The award-winning line includes high performance gas stoves, ranges, gas and electric wall ovens, complementary kitchen ventilation hoods and premium refrigeration. BlueStar® is the only professional-style appliance brand that offers virtually limitless customization options, including over 1,000 colors and trims. Personalize your BlueStar® device onlineBuild your own blue star“.

BlueStar® Announces Integrated Column Refrigerators and Freezers with Unparalleled Personalization, Maximum Storage and Chef-Inspired Features | State

BlueStar® Announces Integrated Column Refrigerators and Freezers with Unparalleled Personalization, Maximum Storage and Chef-Inspired Features | State

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