Borosil promises ‘Acha Khana’ with brand new OTG lineup

Mumbai: Consumer brand Borosil Ltd has launched a new advertising campaign for its Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) line. The new TVC will air on popular channels across the country, in different languages, the brand said.

The TVC shows two children admiring the OTG at a home appliance store with their parents looking to purchase the same. The mother feels that with this new OTG from Borosil, their family will be able to bond more by cooking meals together and having family fun afterwards. The whole TVC revolves around the joy and pleasure of having the OTG as a useful and useful kitchen appliance.

“We are proud to offer our OTG range to our consumers. The high quality of our products is what we respect and our customer satisfaction drives us to offer newer and better devices, ”said Barnali Shankar, Senior General Manager of Marketing (Consumer Products) of Borosil Ltd. “Our new strengths TVC the OTG which allows you to prepare the meal of your choice and enjoy the best performance, first hand.

The OTG line will be available for purchase from Borosil’s e-commerce website, as well as Amazon and Flipkart, the statement said.

Karl M. Bailey