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If you are a company, an SME or a self-employed person and you are interested in obtaining external financing through our platform, but before requesting it, you want to estimate what amount of money to request according to the term, the interest or the final amount to be returned. Now you can clear your doubts through a new tool we have made available to you in the section of loan simulator.

With this simulator, the company can estimate what will be the fee that will have to pay based on the amount of money requested in your loan and also what will be the amount that I can request wanting to pay a certain amount per month. For both cases the current average interest that is indicated in the lower part of the simulator will be used, an average interest that until May 2016 is 7.49%. When using our simulator we must bear in mind that the final amount that is granted must be a multiple of € 50, so in our simulator, a rounding is done when calculating your financing or fee. The explanation of this amount is that the minimum investment that investors can make in your loan is € 50.

Loan calculator with loan simulator

The method used by the simulator for calculating the quotas is the French amortization system, it is a method of amortization of constant installments, that is, interest is calculated based on the capital pending amortization, which means paying each time lower interest rates as the loan is repaid in the form of monthly installments.

Example of the loan simulator

Let’s suppose that a certain company needs financing and for this, it is evaluating to request a merchant cash advance of € 20,000 to be repaid in 1 year through the crowdlending method. For this, what it does is to go to the “Request a loan” section of our platform, fill out the application and provide the necessary documentation that will be analyzed by our risk department. But to finish deciding, before processing the application, the company decides to make an estimate of what cost or what would be the fee that would have to pay depending on the amount to request. When entering these data in the simulator the fee that appears is € 1,735.06 which will be the monthly fee to pay.

Then, if we click on ‘see amortization table’ we can see the complete amortization table, a table divided into columns showing the months the loan lasts and the installment to pay according to the term, which in this case is fixed. The amortized capital also appears in each monthly period, the monthly interest generated by the loan and finally we can see the capital that is still pending amortization.

Simulator to calculate the amount to request your loan

If we want, we can also calculate the amount that we are going to request depending on the amount we want to pay monthly. We find that option by clicking on: “Choose your quota”. In this option, we can put the amount we want to pay month to month and the loan simulator will calculate the amount we can receive taking into account an average interest rate to date.

Apply for the loan once you have decided the result of your loan simulator

Once you have found the amount and term that interests you, you can simply click on the button “Apply for your loan now” and complete the assistant.

It is a very useful tool put at the service of companies and the self-employed so that they can decide what term or amount will benefit them most when it comes to requesting financing. Keep in mind that the shorter the term, the greater the chances of obtaining the loan you need because it will be a more attractive investment option for investors.