Chill Out Wine Fridges – Kitchen & Bath Design News

Today’s kitchens are designed with a range of fittings to suit the people who use them. Items such as steam ovens and touchless faucets enhance a healthy lifestyle, while built-in undercounter microwaves and oversized islands with seating provide function for the growing family.

For those who entertain or simply enjoy their favorite vintage with a well-cooked meal, appliance manufacturers offer wine refrigerators that offer optimal preservation. Considering temperature, vibration, light, humidity and even display possibilities, today’s wine fridges offer a range of options for today’s wine lover.

  • Interiors are now more flexible, with moveable shelving and pop-up display capabilities to suit user needs.
  • Lighting becomes an integral part of the wine cellar, with interchangeable LED lights showcasing the collection.
  • UV rays can damage delicate contents, which is why wine fridges are equipped with tinted tempered glass to protect against light.
  • Full-extension wooden shelves appropriately accommodate bottles and minimize vibration, while providing a premium look and experience.
  • Separate zones for red and white are standard to keep wines at their ideal temperature, while some even have a deep chill mode for quickly chilling whites.
  • Whether storing a few bottles or over 100, wine fridges are available under the counter, full size and even in traditional fridge/freezers.

Karl M. Bailey