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In this episode, Christopher Kimball travels to Crete to cook with chef Marianna Leivaditaki and goes to sea with his father, a small-scale fisherman. Back in the kitchen, we are preparing the Braised Beef with Dried Figs and Pickled Cabbage, a hearty dish that highlights the flavors of the Mediterranean.

By Connie Miller. Courtesy of US Public Television

Braised beef with dried figs and pickled cabbage

Then we prepare shrimp, orzo and zucchini with ouzo and mint, cooking the orzo like a risotto with a fragrant shrimp broth.

Shrimps, Orzo and Zucchini with Ouzo and Mint

By Connie Miller. Courtesy of US Public Television

Shrimps, Orzo and Zucchini with Ouzo and Mint

About Season 5:

Season 5 of CHRISTOPHER KIMBALL’S MILK STREET TELEVISION searches around the world for techniques and ingredients that can transform the way America cooks and eats. Each episode gives viewers the chance to meet cooks from around the world and see how their inspiration translates into a new style of home cooking. Host Chris Kimball and his team of cooks find techniques to help viewers produce bigger, bolder and simpler dishes with less time and effort.

A Taste of Crete (Season 5, Episode 16)

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