Do commercial refrigerators save energy?

Commercial refrigerators are quite different from standard refrigerators in that they are freestanding and more practical in design. They are designed to make stacking and storing items as easy as possible. In addition, commercial refrigerators are equipped with much higher cooling power than most residential models and can cool large quantities of food and beverages quickly.

For these reasons, commercial refrigerators are often used as cold storage for businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, or catering businesses. In the food and beverage industry, storing products at appropriate temperatures is essential to maintaining their safety and quality for your customers.

However, are there other advantages to buying commercial refrigerators for your business rather than residential refrigerators? Well, not only do commercial refrigerators keep food and beverages in peak condition, they can also save your business money by reducing your overall energy consumption.

How Commercial Refrigerators Save Energy

Over the past few years, commercial refrigerators have become about 30% more efficient on average to meet the latest standards set by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulatory Committee. Energy-saving refrigerators manufactured today have many key components that help reduce their energy consumption, such as an ECM evaporator, condenser fan motors, hot gas anti-condensation heaters and high efficiency compressors.

Each of these features also improves the functionality of commercial refrigerators. Since it is often necessary to run your refrigerators 24/7, it makes sense to invest in energy efficient commercial units that will help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money. .

Different Types of Commercial Refrigerators

If you have a food or beverage business of any size, having at least one commercial refrigerator is a must. However, there are several different styles and types to choose from. Aspects such as the layout of the fridge and the style of the door can have a huge impact on its functionality. It is helpful to select those whose designs lend themselves to your specific needs.

If you own a restaurant, deli, or cafeteria, you might want to consider buying this countertop refrigerators for your kitchen. Countertop refrigerators basically serve as countertops. The bottom compartments of these refrigerators allow easy access to your chilled foods, while the tops provide hygienic workspaces for food preparation. The practical design of these units will help improve work efficiency in your establishment’s kitchen.

Depending on the size of your business and the amount of cold storage space you need, you might also need a walk-in refrigerator. Although single storey units can vary in size, even the smallest units make it easy to store large amounts of food or drink. They also waste less energy searching for specific items since you can close the door behind you when you enter.

Handy refrigerators are another fantastic option as they are basically designed like the fridge you have at home, containing rows of shelves. However, they are usually on a larger scale, so they can offer more storage space and amplified cooling power. Whether you prefer a sliding door or a hinged door, both options are usually available. Handy fridges can make it easier to keep your prep area organized, so everything can be found easily and food can be prepared faster.

Alternatively, if you have a bar or restaurant with a wide range of drinks or desserts, handy fridges with glass doors can also offer a great way to display your products in plain view of customers while keeping them cool. .

If your business requires the storage of pre-refrigerated food, a refrigerator on wheels may be necessary for you. Rolling units allow you to roll through racks containing food dishes. They are ideal for prep line storage as they can store a variety of items including meat, produce, eggs, dairy and condiments.

Tips to Consider When Buying an Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerator

Besides the style of a commercial refrigerator, there are many other factors to consider when deciding which refrigerator(s) to buy. Of course, the space you have is important in determining the size of unit you are going to buy. However, it is also crucial to consider how the unit will be used.

Fridges tend to be most efficient when they’re jam-packed, so try to avoid buying one bigger than you need. Some commercial refrigerators are even more energy efficient than others. Look for ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, as they tend to use 20% less electricity on average than the required standard.

If foods are prepared with a lot of flour in your kitchen, it would be better to buy a refrigerator with a top-mounted compressor. Since flour settles on the floor, it can easily be sucked into the refrigeration system, negatively impacting unit performance.

It is also useful to find a refrigeration unit that will simplify temperature management for you. If you buy one with digital temperature control capabilities, you can always set it to a temperature that suits your preferences while minimizing its power consumption.

If you want to find a refrigerator with maximized efficiency, you should also pay attention to the quality of its welding and sealing. The better the seal on a fridge door, the less hard it has to work to maintain cold temperatures. It also means less energy loss over time.

Why commercial refrigerators are a necessary purchase

In most cases, if you own a business of any type in the food or beverage industry, having reliable 24/7 refrigeration is an essential part of your business. Therefore, having commercial refrigerators is a must. Since there are many varieties of commercial refrigerators to choose from, it is worth taking the time to consider which options are best for your individual needs.

Choosing the right commercial refrigerators for your business will not only help improve the overall efficiency, organization and functionality of your workspace, but it will also allow you to use less energy, which will save you a lot of money. money over time.

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