Documentary about the woman who changed television

Julia is a documentary about the iconic cookbook author and television host. He documents how Julia Childs changed the way people think about food and television. It’s also a story about its impact on how people perceive women. Using archival footage and interviews, this is an interesting look that will appeal even to those not interested in cooking shows.

It’s not hard to stumble upon a cooking show in today’s TV and streaming landscape. Even if a person manages to avoid seeing something on what to do in the kitchen, there is no way that they can also avoid seeing something on the food itself. It’s easy to take for granted how much of a culture of viewing is part of preparing what to eat.

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In modern society, social media can make and break trends. Before the Internet, television played an important role in what was considered cool or necessary. Julia explains how American eating habits were based on convenience. Childs wanted to prevent people from eating prepackaged and pre-made TV dinners. She wanted people to enjoy what they ate.

Julia also does a great job of showing the personality of its subjects. The high-pitched voice and manners have been parodied, but it is wit and tenacity that are in the spotlight. Mistakes on the air were quickly turned into lessons for viewers, and she was quick to stand up for what she believed in. This is an aspect that is rarely talked about and which is pleasant to see.

The documentary also shows what Childs has done for the women’s movement. It is done in subtle ways throughout Julia. The footage and interviews capture a woman who is thriving while becoming a staple of pop culture. In one big moment, a male journalist essentially criticizes Childs for not supporting the feminist movement. When she reminds him that she is a working woman, the reporter looks stunned.

Julia is a wonderful documentary that chronicles the life of the first celebrity conductor. From the number of books and films on Childs, it would seem strange to call her underrated. While she’s certainly carved out a place for herself in pop culture, many overlook how much she meant. This documentary shows that she pioneered more than just cooking shows.

Julia hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles on November 12

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