Electrolux launches sustainable kitchen appliances

Electrolux is focused on sustainability in its first full kitchen launch since 2008. At Reviewed, we love Electrolux high performance washing machines and dryers.

The Swedish household appliance brand has designed these products for “eco-responsible cooking”, with refrigerators that keep food fresh longer for less food waste and cooktops with energy-efficient induction technology, for example opposition to gas or electricity.

“Electrolux’s new kitchen suite was designed to support a sustainable lifestyle and culinary exploration,” says Amie Guy, vice president of marketing for Electrolux North America. “Matching the energy standards and aesthetics expected from our Scandinavian heritage and our company’s heritage, this line brings new technologies and features to help families love stepping into the kitchen while being aware of their environmental impact. . “

The company has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030 and making sustainable food the preferred choice globally.

Credit: Electrolux

Products in the Electrolux 2021 kitchen suite update include an induction cooktop and a double wall oven.

About New Electrolux Kitchen Appliances

Electrolux single door refrigerator

“Knowing that Electrolux consumers are focused on buying fresh produce from local farmers’ markets, the new Electrolux refrigerator was designed to keep produce fresher longer so you can be sure you’re stocking up on the most healthy foods.” refined by nature, ”Guy explains.

This sustainability-focused refrigerator is built with smart crisper technology to keep food longer and remove excess moisture via TasteLock Plus crisper bins. Its LuxCool cooling system is designed to maintain constant temperatures and circulate air efficiently using intelligent sensing technology.

Electrolux’s new single-door refrigerator will also feature a flexible organization system, so users can customize their refrigerator to suit their needs.

Electrolux double wall oven

The Electrolux Double Wall Oven is designed to help chefs get the most out of fresh ingredients, with features like air-sous-vide and steaming designed to help foods retain maximum nutrients throughout. throughout the cooking process. This oven will also be equipped with the integrated Air Fry function as well as Electrolux Connect technology.

We have tested other wall ovens from Electrolux in the past, including the Electrolux EI30EW48TS, and can’t wait to see how this new wall oven equipped with air fry will stack up against its competition.

The new Electrolux double wall oven will also be available as a single oven option or as an oven / microwave combination.

36 ” Electrolux Induction Cooktop

It is true that induction technology is more energy efficient than gas or electricity, so this Electrolux induction hob is certainly part of the company’s sustainability efforts.

The Electrolux 36-inch induction cooktop will include the following features: precise temperature control, Power Slide (a tool used to keep food warm on the stovetop after cooking is complete) and a bridge function that allows you to connect two heating elements for larger pots or grills.

When will the new Electrolux products be available?

All new Electrolux appliances will be available in summer 2021. We plan to test the new Electrolux double wall oven and induction cooktop later this year, so be sure to check back for updates.

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