Email accidentally sent to all Gray Television stations unites employees nationwide

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Have you ever answered every email and shouldn’t have? Or in this case sent an email to every gray TV station when you meant to send it only to all of our staff here at WNDU?

Our very own Samantha Albert was kind enough to bring back some snacks for our press room. And everything was fine until she tried to tell everyone at WNDU…

She accidentally sent it to every Gray Television station across the country – we’re talking over 100 stations!

Realizing it was a mistake, these stations started responding, saying they would take it to Kansas, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, and more.

A North Carolina reporter said: “Someone in our company accidentally emailed newsrooms nationwide saying they had Little Debbie snacks in the kitchen. Now every station responds saying they want some and my email keeps pinging.

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Karl M. Bailey