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MUMBAI – As veteran actor Anil Kapoor dabbles in the kitchen for an upcoming episode of the cooking show “Star vs Food Season 2”, Kapoor’s old friend and filmmaker Farah Khan joked that she didn’t had “no expectations” on his cooking skills like he never did. cooked “over the past 30 years”.

As the show also involves the star guest’s friends and family members, for Anil Kapoor, Farah and Kapoor’s sister-in-law Maheep Kapoor shared their anecdotes about the actor’s culinary skills.

Farah said: “Zero expectations on his part because I’ve never seen him cook in all the 30 years I’ve known him. It’s good because I’m starting from zero so unless he’s really burnt out. and inedible, everything will be higher than I expect. “

Kapoor tried cooking “Slow Roasted Lamb Sliders” and “Gnocchi Pasta” under the guidance of Chef Ganesh, Executive Chef of Silly, Mumbai.

Farah also added, “I don’t like pasta, but this Gnocchi pasta is the best I’ve had.”

Maheep shared: “I have been married for 21 years, I dated Sanjay for 5 years, so 26 years in this family. Anil never entered the kitchen… never, so after 26 years I eat the food of the family. ‘Anil Kapoor. “

After the cooking session, the food was served to Farah, Maheep and actor Arbaaz Khan who is also an old friend of Anil Kapoor.

After finishing filming the episode, Anil said, “It ended in a very emotional way for me because the whole show reminded me of my mom. How she would expect compliments, that little thing would make her so. happy and that’s the little feeling I understood when Farah, Arbaaz, and Maheep said the food was good. You feel inside blessed to be able to serve food and make people happy. “

The episode will be released on September 15 on discovery +.

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