Final demolition for this Xiaomi TV that has been one of the best-selling TVs in Spain for years

How many times have we searched the stores looking for a good deal, a good offer to replace an old television or integrate a second screen into your home. Well, here is the definitive offer for those looking for a small and compact but very complete television: the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32″ is on sale for only 159 euros,** compared to the 229 euros of its usual price.* *

Designed to make the most of small spaces, The Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32″ is the TV that Homer Simpson would want: very cheap and very reliable. Its matte black housing allows installation on a desk or wall, so if you want to have a second TV in the kitchen or another room, its installation is very simple.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32″ – Smart TV Black

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32″, the fifth best-selling TV on Amazon

The Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A family has become a classic. We first saw it in 2017 in China and even then they were touted as the cheapest TVs around, at rock bottom prices and in a family of sizes ranging from 43-inch to 65-inch. The success led them to have a sequel, the 4S series.

This 32-inch model with HD resolution (1366 x 768p) with a refresh rate of 60Hz is fully equipped to connect to a TNT, a console or simply to watch your favorite series and films from streaming platforms like Disney+ or other. With 8 GB of eMMC capacity, you have enough space to install whatever you want. Its audio section is configured with two 5W stereo speakers to control bass and treble with total clarity. It also supports Dolby Audio + DTS-HD dual decoding.

this tv It has official endorsement from two of the major streaming platforms, Netflix and Amazon Prime, including two direct access buttons on the remote. Of course, it also supports voice commands via the Google Assistant.

Being in front of a full-fledged Android TV, there are no incompatibility issues: the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A recognizes and projects Chromecast content and has tools to mirror or cast the screen from the mobile, more power control lights and all compatible devices connected to the same WiFi network.

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As for its rear, there are ports for everything you need: LAN connection, two USBs, three HDMI inputs, an AV input and a jack for headphones or external speakers. Also equipped with a dual-band WiFi chip and a Bluetooth 4.2 connection, the wireless part is also well covered. Couldn’t ask for more from this TV below the 160 euro range.

Xiaomi Mi 4A 32 LED TV

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32″ – Smart TV Black

Karl M. Bailey