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Part of Godrej and Boyce, Godrej Appliances, has launched a new TV commercial to highlight Godrej’s understanding of cooling and preservation technology to highlight how it keeps consumers healthy.

With the opening of the TV commercial in a hospital and showing a home facility, it highlights how Godrej’s vaccine refrigerators protect COVID vaccines, thus safeguarding them ensuring the good health of patients. In addition, it highlights how the cooling technology of the brand’s domestic refrigerators keeps India healthy.

Swati Rathi, Marketing Manager at Godrej Appliances, said: “Godrej Appliances is an expert in cooling and conservation technology, and our latest TVC aims to showcase our capabilities through our portfolio which ranges from smart home refrigerators to advanced refrigerators for vaccines. Godrej has been instrumental in keeping India healthy through the ongoing covid-19 vaccination campaign. Our specialized vaccine refrigerators have stored vaccines at precise temperatures specified for their effectiveness, allowing no temperature fluctuation or deterioration of the vaccines. On the other hand, our cooling expertise is also deployed daily in consumers’ homes through our home refrigerators, which provide perfect cooling and food preservation to keep consumers healthy, every day. We thought it was a unique, relevant and heartwarming story, an opportunity for all of us to be proud of an Indian brand and its commitment to the nation.

Anu Joseph, Creative Director, Creativeland Asia, said, “We needed to raise awareness that these are the same people who make some of the most advanced vaccine refrigerators in the world, who make the refrigerators for our homes and keep our food. in good health. We kept the film very simple. Thanks to a device that linked the two worlds effortlessly. “

Watch the announcement here:


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