Havells targets South Indian market in festive new campaign

Mumbai: Havells India, a company specializing in fast moving electrical products (FMEG) has launched a new version of the marketing campaign – “Saath ki Life, Sukoon ki Life” focusing on its series of grinder-mixers for use intensive Hexo.

The campaign has a refreshing approach by addressing the extra prep work required when extended families visit unannounced. It aims to establish the superiority and reliability of the Hexo series product over other grinder mixers, making additional tasks less daunting.

The key message of the campaign is to convey “No matter how many guests arrive, they will always feel like a small number when you have the Hexo Grinder-Mixer by your side.” The campaign shows a young couple entertaining a large number of unannounced visiting family members. But from Hexo’s perspective, the crowd seems small, which is even more creatively exaggerated by portraying them as small individuals, ultimately making the gist of the show’s performance effortlessly understood.

Ravindra Singh Negi, President of Havells India, Consumer Durable Electrical Goods, said, “The home appliance industry is constantly evolving and new products are being launched to meet the changing needs of consumers. The Hexo series is a line of heavy-duty mixers and grinders aimed at providing finer mixing, grinding and processing of food in the kitchen. With this campaign, we aim to further develop the essence of togetherness and family bonding with the continuing message of “Saath ki Life, Sukoon ki Life”. It shows that family time can be hassle-free and fun, with the help of the Hexo range.

This campaign is a southern-focused campaign that targets southern markets in order to establish a deeper connection with the target audience. By launching the campaign during the T20 World Cup, Havells aims to attract a wider audience across all mediums – television, digital and social.

Karl M. Bailey

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