I didn’t want to do stereotypical roles on TV: Resham

Recently, Faseeh Bari Khan explained how he had to change the script of Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar. ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ and how he thought this change had completely destroyed the soul of his story. Faseeh also said that if he gets the chance he will direct his script himself in the future and it looks like he has had that chance now. The writer-director is currently working on his first short film titled ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ with none other than the magnificent movie-star-TV Resham in the lead.

Resham, who recently shot for the See Prime short ‘Long distance’, which wins rave reviews on the internet, had a lot to say about working for the digital realm and character exploration that it had never done before.

Resham’s idea behind the signature ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’

Talk to Lollywood Galaxy exclusively, Resham explained how the role offered to him in ‘Long distance’ and ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ were both something new. “I had received offers for very stereotypical television characters. I didn’t mean to do this. I don’t want to act just for fun, but to do something that satisfies me. With Faseeh, I know how he creates his dark humor and how he breathes life into it, so I really loved the script and the character of ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’. I liked the idea that was offered to me in the script, ”said the starlet.

Speaking of working with Abdullah Ejaz and new talents on his recent projects, Resham added: “I prefer to work with new people because they have a lot of potential. I like to take risks because they have always paid for me. The new people entering the industry are very talented and work in a professional manner. It gives me a lot of motivation. “

Resham shared how she fell in love with the character Faseeh gave her. “I really liked the character and since it was Faseeh’s, I couldn’t say no. I have already worked with Faseeh on ‘Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mai’ and it was a hit series for Hum TV. And i am sure ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ would also be appreciated for what it is.

“People are afraid to work for Fasih because he doesn’t have a lot of glamor. His job requires you to showcase your talent and that’s exactly what I’m looking for now. In the past, I had to work to earn my bread and butter for the family. I made characters that I would never want to do but since they fueled my kitchen, I made these. But that time is over now and now I want to explore my passion for acting, ”added the actress.

Speaking about the story, Resham shared, “It’s the story of a couple in a relationship and their breakup. The idea is different and it’s something that has never been done before. You will see. a lot of pain and broken hearts in this story, but it has a very unique factor, I can assure you.

YouTube release of the short film

No stranger to censorship, Faseeh Bari Khan has avoided the risk and will publish ‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ on Youtube. Highlighting in a recent interview with Dawn Images Posting his projects on YouTube gave him more creative freedom than on TV, Faseeh said, “We realized that the kind of content that I can’t create for TV, I can put it on YouTube. I have a short film coming up for YouTube, it’s called ‘Gulzar ‘ and tackles the subject of sexuality. It’s more difficult to do that kind of thing for television. You can see the status of the content on TV for yourself. YouTube really helps us achieve our inner satisfaction in this sense.

Sharing his two cents on the short film released on the digital platform, Resham shared, “YouTube audiences are the youth and I really want the youth to witness my work now. This is one of the main reasons I chose this topic. YouTube being a platform allows you to explore different genres without any restrictions and is open to young people which is part of the reason why I chose the short film as well.

‘Dafaa Hojao Tum’ is a short film and will see Faseeh Bari Khan and Faiza Hasan working on the project with Resham and Abdullah Ejaz in the lead.

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