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Greg Jacobson, a leading and world-renowned business trainer, has inspired business leaders on how to create better mindsets, positively transform businesses, and turn customers into loyal customers for life by building meaningful relationships at an exclusive Colombo event.

“It’s not just about selling a product or services, but about striving to make customers feel heard, cared for and important.” Jacobson said while addressing the audience. He explained that the basis of successful relationships is mutual trust, mutual respect, shared values ​​and common interests.

Greg Jacobson is the world’s foremost quality of life strategist. This is achieved by focusing on emotional fitness and building meaningful relationships. He was personally mentored by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Keith Cunningham, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins and many more. With years of experience as a mentor, consultant, and speaker, Greg has taught hundreds of high-performing organizations and individuals to become better team players and achieve their goals faster.

He has been featured on Fox Business, CNN, Bloomberg Business and a myriad of other top news programs for his ability to deliver outstanding results for dozens of industries and several hundred clients, including commercial giants. worldwide such as Marriott International, Sotheby’s, Andaz, the Ritz-Carlton and Amazon.

Business leaders have had the opportunity to learn how to create a culture where not just customers, but everyone from frontline workers to senior executives feel totally cared for and special. “Front line employees are the first point of contact with your customers, if you don’t treat them well they can very easily turn your customers off. Always look for opportunities to support people and not knock them down,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of empowering employees while focusing on building customer loyalty, not just top-down, but bottom-up.

Jacobson also shared tips on how to consistently receive nothing less than stellar 5-star reviews from every customer, practices for immediately boosting morale, and proven strategies and systems of action that will dramatically increase results for any business.

“Listening carefully means, I intend to take what you have said and act on it. This does not necessarily mean being a problem solver, but a solution provider. Also, listening carefully helps to provide a highly personalized service, specific to each client,” he said, these are important elements of providing exceptional service. “Start by changing the way you think. Everything we do is based on what we believe and what we feel. Therefore, it is important to train our brain to work for us and be comfortable with discomfort, rather than being controlled by automatic thought,” he said.

The program was organized by Success Zante (Pvt) Ltd, a leading organizer of training and self-development events offering career, personality and leadership training by renowned trainers and speakers world such as Tony Robbins, Rajiv Talreja, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Nas Daily, John De Martini, Indika Ramachandra and of course Greg Jacobson, and many more who are some of the best available anywhere.

“Greg Jacobson is a happiness and quality of life strategist.” Said Shuvo Hridayesh, CEO of Success Zante. “We believe in making a positive impact through world-class teachings and are proud to provide opportunities where Sri Lanka can experience a global mentor such as Greg Jacobson, the international bestselling author of the book ‘Think Yourself Happy’.

“The feedback received was spectacular and everyone who participated received immediately actionable skills and extremely useful information on how to create opportunities for memorable and meaningful experiences that help develop deeper relationships with their customers as well as ‘with their team,” Hridayesh said.

Success Zante is set to repeat the program hosted by Greg Jacobson on March 30, 2022 at the Jaic Hilton, due to popular demand. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone who missed the original program and wants to learn the “Secrets to Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience”.

Karl M. Bailey