Kitchen appliances cost the most on your energy bill – the kettle isn’t the worst

With the cost of living crisis, people across the UK will be looking for ways to cut their energy bills – but which kitchen appliances are costing you the most?

Kitchen appliances can consume a lot of energy

With the cost of living crisis, people across the UK will be looking for ways to save – and the energy bill is a good place to start.

Kitchen appliances can be a big drain, and most people have heard that the kettle can be expensive to boil – but it turns out there’s a bigger culprit to blame.

We spoke to a UK kitchen maker Kesseler and they’ve come up with a breakdown of what uses the most energy in your kitchen.

The results may shock you because it’s not the kettle, the electric hob or even the oven – it’s the fridge, and by changing the temperature you could save a lot over the course of a year.

Your refrigerator could increase your energy bills


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A Kesseler spokesperson said: “The refrigerator is by far the most energy-intensive appliance in the kitchen, using up to a third of all the energy in your home in a year if not not very energy efficient.

“Hence the importance of not cooling it to a temperature lower than what is necessary.

“This is even more true if you have an old refrigerator which may not be particularly energy efficient.

“A modern A+++ rated fridge will use around 80% less energy than a D rated fridge, so upgrading to something more modern will have long term benefits…a modern fridge will also emit less CO2, if the green credentials of your home are important to you.”

They went on to say how drying clothes can be a big drain so if possible you should try to leave things to air outside rather than putting them in a dryer – but it won’t possible for everyone.

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However, washing the pans is another matter, as using a dishwasher might be more energy efficient than doing them by hand.

The spokesperson added: “This is because they use a small amount of water (despite their size) and if you load the dishwasher fully and correctly it can be beneficial.

“According to a Who? Study Dishwashers use on average four times less water than washing by hand…so it’s ideal if you’re using a meter.”

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