Kitchen appliances designed to bring you closer to achieving your MasterChef dreams!

The pandemic has spawned many home chefs, who have discovered a deep and deep love for cooking! Surprisingly, I was one of them. Before the pandemic, cooking was a chore that I avoided completely. But now, honestly, I find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic and all the free time that came with it kind of woke up my inner boss. To encourage and motivate all the interior chefs who came to life during the pandemic, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that promise to turn cooking from a Herculean feat into an enjoyable and fun one! From a hidden induction cooker to a home plant grower for your kitchen – these products promise to turn your dire dining experiences into MasterChef-worthy delicacies! These products can cut your prep time in half, make small cooking tasks much easier, and help you with time-consuming and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

1. Chef Lapitec

The induction cooking system is homogeneous and very easy to use. All you need to do is place the Lapitec Chef silicone mat on your worktop to activate the touch controls and turn on the system. The mat is the key, without it the induction unit and the controls will be inactive and the worktop is like any other kitchen counter only distinguished by small prints that line up with the controls on the mat. Lapitec Chef allows for easy cleaning and storage so that the counter can be used for other activities such as food preparation, serving dishes and organizing social events. Interestingly, Lapitec is a 100% sintered stone and it is also non-porous, non-absorbent and chemical resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor kitchens. You can choose to have two or four hotplates for your induction system.

2. Magnetic kitchen counter

In small studios, the kitchen unwittingly becomes the center of attention and the magnetic kitchen proposed by Juliana arranges things in the most subtle way. The one-square-meter magnetic board shown here is attached to the wall and serves as the basis for the compact worktop with a cutting board that doubles as a folding sink (or vice versa) and of course magnetic properties to keep all utensils in place. place. The sink can be hidden from view to increase kitchen workspace and used as a cutting board for random use. Anything that sticks to a magnet can be placed on the vertical section – things like spoons, forks, pots and pans, an induction hob, oven, or custom shelves that further hold plates and other items not magnetic.

3. Balance

Balance, a Plant Grower designed by Designer Dot, is designed for those of us who want access to a personal supply of fresh produce at home without having to tend to a garden day in and day out. When creating Balance, the team at Designer Dot sought to conceptualize a home plant grower compact enough to fit into any modern kitchen and unobtrusive in its minimalist design to suit any home. what an interior design scheme. Stored the same as most plant growers, Balance comes with pull-out drawers that contain pods and germination cavities for produce and crops to germinate and grow from. The drawers themselves can be pulled out to allow the height of the ceiling to grow taller plants, which users can swap out for different plants accordingly.

4. Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Mini Chopper

The Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Mini Chopper is the kind of cordless device that you can move and use freely. The gadget has a bowl with a capacity of 4 cups, so you can chop or grind a variety of different ingredients. The Chopper also features 7.4 volts of lithium-ion power and an impressive 20-minute runtime. LED controls allow you to effortlessly switch between Chop or Grind mode. Making dips, hummus and other delicious dishes has never been easier with this lightweight, easy-to-use kitchen appliance.

5. HAY Sowden Toaster

The HAY Sowden Toaster is a clean, minimalist toaster created from plastic and stainless steel. Along with its warm and soft aesthetic, the toaster also features a browning dial, allowing you to prepare your toast the way you like it. You can even place the thickest slices of bread on the vent to make them even crispier! It comes in three interesting colors – EU Gray, EU Blue and EU Yellow. The artistic and aesthetic toaster adds an element of Japandi style minimalism to your kitchen.

6. Hoto

Hoto is a smart kitchen scale for the modern home that reduces its control panel to a single interactive button and connects other Hoto users around the world through an accompanying social media channel. Zheng’s smart kitchen scale Hoto is minimal in design, adorned with nothing more than stainless steel controls and a polished, reflective sheen. The scale reduces the number of controls and buttons, consolidating each control into a single interactive button that functions as the scale, power meter, weight dial, and net-zero button.

7. Qterra crafts

As portable as a regular Starbucks travel mug, the Qterra Craft is designed to give you coffee so fresh, you’ll feel like it’s been brewed inside… and you’d be right! The Qterra Craft is a pretty smart little device, giving you the freshest coffee or tea, even while you are traveling, by simply brewing it on the spot. The mug comes with a lid that holds tea leaves or coffee grounds in a telescoping Q-Brew basket that extends down into the container when the lid is twisted. Fill the container with very hot water and turn the lid on a few minutes before you actually want your drink. Then turn the lid on when you’re done and any used leaves or grounds flow back up into the lid, secured with an airtight seal. Indeed, your freshly ground coffee only requires two turns… but there is another turn to come!

8. Cenga

Stacked like a Jenga Tower, Cenga is a handmade modular coffee set conceptualized by a team of designers to bring home everything you find in a cafe. Starting at the top of Cenga, a coffee bean grinder funnels the grounds into a dripper before heating water and pouring it into a can for serving. Inspired by the Jenga block stacking method, the design team combined this with a modular construction to optimize the storage capacity and portability of the product.

9. The KitchenAid Spiralizer Plus accessory

The KitchenAid Spiralizer Plus accessory is the ultimate kitchen appliance for slicing, peeling, and deseeding fruits and vegetables. You can use it to work with a variety of foods – from zucchini and beets to pears and apples! The appliance has been fitted with seven blades, to perfectly cut and slice your fresh products. Three slicing blades and one peeling blade are also supplied with the product. The metal shape of the KitchenAid guarantees its durability, durability and sturdiness.

10. Hu-Kuo

Consisting of a carrying case, tea bowl, and three tea cups, Hu-Kou comes with everything you might need for a great cup of tea. Specifically molded to be ergonomic in design, Hu-Kou’s tea bowl is shaped like a triangle with a built-in pouring spout that allows users to pour tea directly from the bowl without having to remove the lid first. Held in a silicone carrying case, Hu-Kou’s stylish case comes with a shoulder strap to make it even easier to bring tea on the go. The carrying case keeps enough space to hold the main tea bowl in addition to three tea cups. The tea cups are also triangular in shape to complement the tea bowl, giving the whole a more even feel.

Karl M. Bailey