Kitchen appliances designed to help the fitness enthusiast in you cook and eat healthier, greener meals!


I always try to eat healthy, some days I fail and others I succeed. Eating healthy also means cooking healthy foods. And that’s not always the easiest task. Especially since unhealthy food is so accessible and delicious! It’s just easier to go for junk food for lunch. In an effort to encourage healthier eating and help you eat better, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that make healthy cooking easy and simple! Whether it’s a bamboo electric steamer or a food bowl that helps you control your portions, these super cool kitchen appliances will help you achieve the health diet you’ve been dreaming of!

The Rise Gardens Personal Rise Smart Garden is a hydroponic garden that allows you to grow herbs, vegetables and leafy greens in your home! A companion application allows you to follow the progress and growth of your plants. You can control the lights through the app, and it also lets you know when to harvest your plants and when to add nutrients and water. Now you can grow your own greens and have fun harvesting and eating them!

Compared to traditional bamboo steamers, this product is cleaner, more portable and easily accessible for consumers less familiar with Chinese culture and cooking techniques. The steamer looks very user-friendly, as it has only one control: a circular LED timer. Simply plug in the appliance, set your timer – no additional on / off switch required. These little touches make the Bamboo Food Steamer the easiest purchase you can make to support healthy and eco-friendly choices.

Designed to put a rotisserie in every home (because buying a special rotisserie oven might cost you a few big ones), the ROTO-Q 360 costs just $ 49 and is all metal, and folds up to fit. easily fit into a drawer when not in use. Cleverly designed with spring loaded mechanical components, the ROTO-Q 360 can spin for a full 60 minutes at a time. When you’re done, the rotating gearbox immediately slides off, allowing you to put the rest of the rotisserie in a dishwasher, or even clean it in your kitchen sink. The entire setup weighs just over 5 pounds and can be used around the house or taken to a friend’s house or to a barbecue party.

Designed to replace those unnecessary single-use plastic vacuum bags and that expensive vacuum sealer that comes with it, SealVax’s bags are reusable, endless washable, and come with their own pocket pump that is powered by your smartphone. The pump, which is no larger than a USB stick or car charger, locks into the air valves of the SealVax bags and comes with two ports on the opposite end – a Type-C port and a Lightning connector.

Hyunseok An’s design team Ulrim designed The Coral, an indoor microalgae farm that is as beautiful as you look. Using algae to convert carbon dioxide into energy, The Coral is implementing the use of a bioreactor to support its microbiological farm. The bioreactor provides a controlled environment for the algae to photosynthesize and produce the nutrients which are then contained in the cell wall blocks for future consumption. Each cell block is like a microcosm of stagnant ponds covered in a healthy layer of algae, the only difference being that The Coral is a controlled environment.

The Wulcano set includes four different elements that stack on top of each other to create a layer-by-layer food preparation system. Made of stainless steel, the Wulcano works easily on gas, electric, ceramic and induction stoves, using a single cooker to prepare multiple levels of food. This basically allows you to prepare different foods at the same time, using a single heat source to cook multiple dishes and allowing you to simultaneously prepare multiple dishes at once. The lowest container holds the water (you can also use broth) which boils and turns to steam.

The Kefirko makes stripping easy, with a glass bottle that holds your veg and brine, a weight to keep veggies fully submerged, and an automatic burp mechanism that allows carbon dioxide to pass through a one-way valve to release pressure . Plus, the pickling pot even comes with a timer on top that counts down the number of days you’ve kept your veggies for pickling. The one-of-a-kind fermentation station pickles just about anything, from vegetables to kimchi, or even sauerkraut!

Designed to help your brain consciously eat by controlling portions, the IGGI is a stoneware bowl that uses food psychology and “Calorie Cloaking” to help you eat 30% less while feeling full. It sports a curved false bottom that makes the bowl feel full while having 33% less food, as well as a red interior that helps curb your appetite more than a white plate. In addition, the color red also changes your perception of food, prompting you to eat green vegetables to make your food look “balanced”. Together with the IGGI app, the two form a system called Meal Mindfulness.

STEAMIE, designed and developed by award-winning design studio Mindsailors, reintroduces steam into traditional cooking. Steam has a way of cooking food without diluting its flavor, providing you with healthy, nutrient-dense, and flavorful foods. The tabletop appliance uses this power to prepare foods that are both nutritious and tasty. The layered device houses a double boiler below, and food (whether it’s vegetables or meat) is placed in perforated trays above. STEAMIE then uses a unique turbo convection method to quickly steam food. These pressurized jets of steam measure 125 ° C and instantly close the outer pores of meat, vegetables or seafood, trapping the flavor inside, while the heat of the steam helps cook the food. The fact that the food is not submerged in water (as with boiling) helps prevent the food from tasting watery or “wet”.

Designed by Germany-based Aurora Life Science, Nutrio takes the guesswork out of your diet. Sure, on the outside it looks like a cross between a cutting board and a supermarket cashier’s billing desk, but the Nutrio is actually a comprehensive nutrition calculator that lets you measure your food from an absolutely new way. The cutting board comes with a host of sensors that can sense your food, weigh the food, and display all of its nutritional information. Whether you use raw ingredients or even packaged products, Nutrio allows you to scan your food, calculate your calorie and nutritional intake, and absolutely squash your diet because you are much more aware of what you cook and eat.


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