Kitchen Appliances That Will Transform You From A Home Cook To A MasterChef: Part 2

There is one skill that was successfully added to my skill repertoire during this pandemic – and that’s cooking! From a chore that I completely avoided, cooking has now become a therapeutic activity for me. I discovered a chef in me baking banana bread and making Dalgona coffee! I believe many other hidden bosses have had a similar awakening to me during this pandemic. To encourage and motivate all of the chefs in us, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that promise to turn cooking from a Herculean feat into an enjoyable and fun process! These products can cut your prep time in half, make small cooking tasks much easier, and help you with time-consuming and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

Turner designed Carnerie – a conceptual device that will allow you to grow your own meat in the future! Cultured meat is the process of growing meat from cells taken from animals. Many experts believe that cultured meat offers us the opportunity to produce meat with significantly reduced environmental impacts and without the slaughter of animals. Technology is developing rapidly across the world and starting to be introduced to some high-end restaurants, but there has been some talk about whether we could ever grow our own meat from animal cells in our own kitchens. Carnerie is a “grow your own meat” device for twenty years into the future. It is controlled by an app, through which the user can order cell capsules from local farms in order to grow a variety of different types of meat.

Food One was designed for young people living in cities who don’t have the time or skills to cook multiple meals throughout the day. Beginning in early 2020, pandemic quarantine orders have forced many of us out of restaurant kiosks and into our kitchens to prepare our own meals. Fully integrated with smart technology, Food One works like a classic smart assistant, with Bluetooth connectivity and app compatibility to connect to your smartphone or other smart devices. After logging into the Food One app, users can choose from a long list of available recipes suitable for cooking with the smart wok. Alternatively, those who love to cook can upload their own recipes to Food One’s app for others to learn and follow.

Designed by Designer Dot, BO-ON is more than just an ordinary rice cooker! This multi-functional electric rice cooker features a double-layer cauldron, so that the rice tastes like being cooked in a traditional iron pot. The cooker can also be used to prepare frozen dumplings and other ready-to-eat foods. This is due to a hot plate on the top of the rice cooker. A companion app alerts you when your food is ready, so your food doesn’t stay stale and forgotten in the appliance.

The Open Suite extractor hood by Fabrizio Crisa for Elica is designed to keep in mind the demands of modern style and, above all, modularity to get the most out of everyday practical use. The open suite merges a hood, large LED light panel, modular shelving as well as voice assistant integration that provides information on filter maintenance and overall system management. The unit is suitable for all your modern needs – the modular structure of the hood provides flexibility in how you actually want to configure the function and complement it with visual appeal. This freedom comes from the 80cm / 160cm modules which come together in endless configurations according to the user’s personal tastes and requirements.

The Dreamfarm Chopula Carving Seated Spatula is a handy tool that can be used for turning and chopping food! The flexible product allows you to easily flip pancakes, steaks and more. You can then use Chopula itself to chop or slice these pancakes and steaks. The multi-curve design of its head reaches the most delicate corners of the pan without any struggle. Available in a variety of color options, this slim little tool is definitely smarter and more powerful than it looks!

Brava’s Purelight Countertop Oven uses light as an energy source to cook delicious meals at home. Using exclusive Pure Light technology, this oven reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a second! Pure Light lamps ensure food is cooked using less energy than you would need to preheat a traditional oven. Equipped with multiple zones, the oven can cook different foods at different temperatures. This is the future of ovens!

We need the next refrigerator evolution in the form of Venine – a design conceptualized by industrial designer You-jin Syn. The idea is simple – to preserve the primary function of the refrigerator – but with the infusion of a design overhaul and additional functionality. The motive is to make it practical for a one-person household in the smallest possible footprint without compromising the inherent function of the device. The concept of Syn was born out of the need for young apartment dwellers to have a smart and convenient way to swallow quick meals without too much noise. Rather than taking all food out of the fridge and putting it on the dining table, Venine offers the option of eating off the fridge counter.

This kitchen appliance is for Star Wars fans! The Star Wars Two Slice Stormtrooper Toaster looks exactly like a Stormtrooper. You can slip two pieces of bread into the toaster, or even rolls, waffles, English muffins, and pastries. Once grilled, the food will come out with the Galactic Empire logo directly on it. Pretty cool, isn’t it? This one is a must-have for sci-fi enthusiasts.

The Miso Robotics Flippy Robot is the kitchen assistant we all need! This is especially handy if you own a commercial kitchen and need that extra help. The robot can work 100,000 hours continuously. Once programmed, the AI ​​Assistant works automatically on its own, without any assistance or help from you. However, you can still control the robot and customize its settings through its control screen. Personally, I would love to have a kitchen assistant, but I think the Flippy robot from Miso Robotics would be more ideal for large-scale kitchens!

The particularly flexible Trebonn Roll mat consists of two parts. Individual vertical bands made from a polymer suitable for knives, joined together by a flexible silicone mat, food grade and dishwasher safe. Silicone is responsible for the mat’s hinges and the magnetic closure on one end allows you to close the mat in place. Open it up and the mat unfolds to reveal a flat cutting surface … just make sure your knife is not parallel to the silicone hinges (you don’t want to accidentally cut the hinges right through). Once you’re done cutting and chopping, the flexible mat design makes it easy to collect all of your chopped chunks and pour them into your slow cooker, pot, pan, or mixing bowl.

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