Know the new generation smart air conditioners for this summer

Somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle of this life is a cozy cocoon that everyone calls “HOME”. With the unprecedented recent times, homes are not only the place where we relax but also home offices have become a thing with hybrid and working from home widely practiced. We devote our efforts to making our home comfortable in every way possible.

March 2022 was the hottest in India’s 122-year-old recorded history since record-keeping began in 1901, data from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) have revealed. Imagining a life without air conditioner these days is impossible. So, getting an AC becomes an extremely important decision during summers.
The air conditioner buying journey begins with a recommendation from family and friends, followed by online reviews.

Smart and connected air conditioners are getting a lot of attention this year. One brand that stands out with a host of features that make its air conditioners truly smart is the 100+ year old Japanese brand: Panasonic.

Panasonic’s air conditioners are equipped with their patented nanoe™ technology in which nanoeX™ and nanoeG™ together help inhibit bacteria and viruses, while effectively removing dust and harmful pollutants from indoor air, making it respectively cleaner and healthier. What really stands out is that their Nanoe™ technology can be used all year round in fan mode, ensuring not only cleaner air but also energy savings.

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Now you can also operate your air conditioner remotely, with the Miraie app making it possible. Simply turn on your AC while you get home and enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation as soon as you enter your home with the fresh air all around you. This air conditioner also features ultra-powerful Jetstream technology that projects air up to 45 feet to cool large rooms.
Having an app to control the air conditioner makes it more smart and convenient. So, no more midnight chills as your air conditioner will run on the hourly temperatures programmed by you just before uninterrupted relaxing sleep. The Miraie app also helps check your room’s AQI, ensuring you have pollution-free indoor air by activating pollutant-removing nanoeG™ technology.

With their outer casing in ECO TOUGH, the exteriors of these air conditioners are protected from corrosion during all seasons of the year. This feature is worth highlighting as it also ensures a longer service life of the outdoor unit even in extremely harsh climatic conditions. Panasonic also offers a 5-year warranty on the outer casing.

Many techs, reviewers, and critics have reported that predictive maintenance is the main appeal of this AC. Diving further into the interior details, it was found that powerful sensors were installed inside these ACs. They constantly collect data on the overall performance of the filter and other parts. So, as soon as the sensors predict that the filter needs to be cleaned, it instantly notifies the owner of the air conditioner on his phone. In addition, even the company’s care center is informed of the problem and the company initiates prompt corrective action. Air conditioner owners are even guided on a quick way to clean the filter. The predictive maintenance feature saves a lot of time and effort, which was previously required to hire an air conditioning repair expert.
Who doesn’t want to wake up refreshed with a fantastic view of a new sun! But when the summers are here, the air gets too hot. So it is better to prepare in advance and buy the most advanced air conditioner that prepares you to beat the heat.

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