Letter: Americans Should Give Up Television | Letters


In 1972, social commentator and comedian George Carlin recited a list of seven “dirty words” inappropriate for public media. Nonetheless, telltale euphemisms are oddly abundant in current TV commercials and sitcoms.

Two offensively taboo words begin with “f” and “s”. While a few rap songs sprinkle them liberally in their lyrics, today we are getting closer to making Carlin a prevaricator.

Attractive woman (if I can use those terms again) complains that she gets “tricked” into checking fees, so she moves on to another financial institution for transactions. Other programs insert variations when they say ‘freakin’ ‘or’ friggin ” ‘instead of the big curse.

A cute family of red / blue bears use soft, cuddly toilet paper to clean their rumps after a “go”. Next, an ever-dreaded medical option to colonoscopy suggests people “take, go, and ship” their product. Buy the feminine hygiene product that neutralizes all the “stinky (body) crevices.”

I am not a prudish man. I grew up in Hell’s Kitchen apartments near Times Square in Manhattan, New York. I have articulated more than my share of curses and curses, garbage speeches, truck driver / trucker curses over the eight decades of my presence. So in the gutters and streets of downtown I have said and heard it all, but not on TV – yet!

Americans’ sense of modesty, civility and decorum seems to be weakening. I am confused as to why. But then, at my old age, why bother? I lived my life according to my parents’ standards and according to my excellent education. As my vocabulary grew, I almost got too big for my potty mouth. Still, if you get stuck, let the loose language fly away. Who gives an (expletive); I do not give an (expletive); Go to (swear) you (swear)! Just turn off the boob tube (expletive), you idiot (expletive)!


Karl M. Bailey