LG’s new CrystalDoor fridges want to be the center of attention in the kitchen with their striking minimalist design

LG continues to push the news on smart home appliances for this coming season and the most efficient refrigerator in its range that we saw at IFA 2022 is now joined by the arrival in Spain of a new model with CrystalDoor design.

This is a new line of refrigerators combined type with the freezer in the lower area that opts for a striking design with glass finished doors Available in satin white and mirror effect black.

A minimalist design packed with technology

The key to these refrigerators is to offer a minimalist exterior finish which fits into any type of kitchen that we may have and hides all the technical accessories such as LCD screens or door handles that many models mount. The LED display is located inside the refrigerator so as not to break the aesthetics of the device, leaving a totally smooth facade.

The new LG CrystalDoor includes the Korean company’s latest technologies for its cooling systems, such as LINEAR cooling function and the division into specific compartments such as the FRESHBalancer drawer with MagicCrisperwhich optimizes moisture levels for fruits or vegetables.

The drawer FRESHConverter, on the other hand, allows you to adjust the temperature between -2°C and 3°C, thus adapting to the optimum temperature of each food. In addition, the system has been integrated door coolingan air outlet in the upper part in the form of a cascade which ensures 32% faster and more homogeneous cooling.

Ydray Lg Crystaldoor Lifestyle 2

As for the part on smart functions, the refrigerator is integrated into the smart home via the LG ThinQ platformwhich allows us to monitor its operation, optimize the temperature remotely and receive mobile notifications when the door is left open.

He also has a self-diagnosis system to report incidents to the technical department, giving the manufacturer a 10-year warranty on its Inverter-type compression system.

Price and availability

both models LG Crystal Door will go on sale in Spain this month at the recommended retail price of €1,399.

Karl M. Bailey