Livpure Sleep celebrates good sleep with original commercial

Mumbai: Manufacturer of water purifiers, air conditioners and a range of sleep and wellness solutions, Livpure launched its first-ever digital advertising campaign on YouTube, Facebook and other digital platforms to promote its range of high quality mattress.

In keeping with the brand’s long-standing emphasis on the importance of good sleep using innovative and comfortable mattresses, the ad campaign takes the comedic route to showcase the ill effects of sleep deprivation and its benefits. miraculous Livpure mattresses through three advertising films.

The commercials revolve around a royal family “The Sonawalas” who have been cursed by insomnia for seven generations. Hilariously capturing how lack of sleep affects different aspects of family life, from staying awake with the ghosts of the mansion to almost setting the kitchen on fire, the series ends with the posh son of the house presenting to the family Livpure’s mattresses and finally break the curse.

“We are delighted to launch our very first digital advertising campaign for Livpure Sleep products. The unique concept of ‘The Sleepless Sonawalas’ with the wonderfully organized sets and artwork in the background is just perfect to pique the curiosity and interest of our target audience, ”said Ankit Gaur, Managing Director of Livpure marketing. “Commercials drive the house beautifully. our message: favor a good restful sleep with the help of the right mattress! If Livpure mattresses can break a generational curse, they can certainly banish your sleep disturbances! “

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