Local remembers tornado a month after destruction – Reuters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Tuesday marked a month since tornadoes hit south-central Kentucky, killing people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Jordan Smith lived in Hillridge Court, a street that was hit hard by the tornado.

On Tuesday, Smith went to visit his old home and found that the building had been completely demolished.

Smith was sleeping on the second floor of his home when the alarms went off on December 11.

He said he heard the wind getting bad and saw a trash can flying across the road and decided to take cover.

“I took the dog and cat downstairs just to be safe and literally by the time I reached the last step the back door just opened the window broke and I see appliances of kitchen flying towards me. I take the dog out and jump out of the way and sit there for a few seconds. That’s all it really was, it was seconds. And then I heard some quiet and peace and that’s when I knew something pretty big had happened,” Smith said.

Smith says the upstairs roof collapsed where he was sleeping minutes before.

Smith says he knew the building would likely need to be demolished, but seeing it in person was disconcerting.

“Just looking here, it’s an empty parking lot and a hole where your house is supposed to be. It’s kind of hard to grab, which has been tough to grab for the last month or so,” Smith said.

He says time has passed since everything happened and the hurt was still fresh in his mind.

“You think when something like this happens time stands still, but unfortunately time keeps moving, things keep moving. This day came very quickly. I didn’t realize it had been a month already because I feel like I had to do so much talking with insurance and FEMA and everyone else,” Smith said.

He says the tornado that hit on New Year’s Day was very difficult for him as he battled PTSD from December 11.and tornado.

Cleanup efforts have only just begun in the area where Smith lived with piles and piles of rubble along the streets and roofs still being repaired.

Karl M. Bailey