Man stabs wife to death after argument over second-hand television

An Indian has been accused of brutally stabbing his wife to death with a kitchen knife after an argument between the couple over a second-hand television in Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

The accused, Santosh Ambavale, 42, was convicted by Judge Urmila Joshi of murdering his wife in the suburb of Santacruz, Mumbai, India, in 2016. He faces a life sentence for the heinous crime, NDTV reported.

Ambavale was reportedly addicted to gambling and used to regularly ask his wife for money. On the day of the murder, a salesman who had sold a used television to the couple came to their home to collect their payment.

However, the woman told the seller that Ambavale used the money she had set aside to pay for the television. His statement infuriated Ambavale and, in a fit of rage, he allegedly stabbed his wife with a kitchen knife.

The woman was immediately taken to hospital, but later succumbed to her serious injuries and was pronounced dead in the facility.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 24-year-old man was reportedly killed by his own brother after they argued over a TV remote control in Idukki, Kerala, India in December 2019, Onmanorama reported.

The 24-year-old victim, Joseph, and his younger brother Joshua reportedly clashed over who could decide which channel to tune their TV to. However, the argument quickly turned violent, and, fueled by anger, Joshua took a heavy grindstone and smashed it against Joseph’s head.

After hitting his brother’s skull with the stone, Joshua enlisted the help of their neighbors to take Joseph to a private hospital in Kochi. However, the victim succumbed to his fatal injuries and died on the way to the health facility.

After Joseph’s death, officers arrested Joshua and charged him with murder.

In another incident, an Indian allegedly brutally strangled his own wife to death after discovering that she had left the television on in their house overnight. The incident reportedly took place in the Chandiwadi area in Maval tehsil of Pune, India on August 28.

Yogesh Jadhav, 26, a truck driver by profession, allegedly harassed his 20-year-old wife Changuna Jadhav, both physically and mentally, for months after giving birth to a baby girl because he really wanted a son, Latin Time reported.

Its abuse came to a head on August 28, with Jadhav left furious after seeing that their home’s television was accidentally left on overnight. In a fit of rage, the suspect is said to have horribly strangled Changuna to death before fleeing the scene.

The police managed to find Jadhav’s phone to arrest him and take him into custody the next day.

A man allegedly stabbed his wife to death with a kitchen knife after the couple argued over a used television. This is a representative image. Pixabay

Karl M. Bailey