My Walmart Scan Trick Got Me $150 Off Kitchen Appliances – The ‘Sticker’ Retail to Look For

A SAVY social media personality has shared how you can potentially score big deals on products at Walmart just by using a simple trick on your phone.

The ICT Tac the user started with a reminder that a great way to to save money when shopping at detail giant is searching in its clearance section.


Bargain hunter The Scan Stan takes advantage of Walmart clearance items
The Walmart app will come in handy


The Walmart app will come in handy

However, there is a problem when navigating through articles with these stickers at walmart.

Often prices are incorrect because an employee or store manager has not updated them.

That’s not to say it’s the case all the time, but a TikToker, going by The Scan Stan, revealed another example.

She describes herself as a bargain hunter, often looking for deals in Walmart’s clearance section.

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Plus, it reveals cheap finds of dollar tree and General dollar from time to time.

Here’s what she found in Walmart’s clearance section on kitchen appliances, as revealed in a recent video.

The objects found

First, keep in mind that sales and prices may vary by location.

In total, Scan Stan found four items that were cheaper than the listed price.

She did this by scanning the products individually through the Walmart app.

Here’s the full list of products marked down from online prices.

  • Power XL Grill & Press Plus (1,300 watts), online price: $44, markdown: $15, discount: $29
  • Power XL Air Fryer, online price: $77.88, markdown price: $47.40, discount: $30.48
  • Nutribullet 900 Watt Personal Blender, online price: $105, markdown: $24.75, discount: $80.25
  • Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed ​​Hand Mixer, online price: $29.99, markdown price: $11.42, discount: $18.57

In total, this represents savings of $158.30.

How to Do Clearance Shopping at Walmart

If you are in the store, the clearance stickers and signs are often yellow in color.

This is when the Walmart app will come in handy with its scanner icon.

Using the barcode scanner allows you to check the actual prices of each store item that has a clearance sticker

There are other examples than that of Scan Stan.

Orlandoqponqueen found a $140 car seat for just $40 using this trick.

A super fan of Walmart, who goes by JoJo Gerow on TikTok, found a “My Life” doll for $34 each.

But after scanning an 18-inch blonde ballerina doll, she only cost $9.

And the biggest of them comes from SynthiaSaves, which found an item of $897 for an amazing clearance of only $5.

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For more related stories, an Aldi customer got 16 products for just $43 and that’s enough to feed a family of two.

And a Costco customer bought a week value of products for $105 for his family of five.

Karl M. Bailey