Natasha Leggero on The Rat in the Kitchen, Cooking, and Gourmet TV

Were there times when you watched all of this unfold and thought, “Oh, I could have done this differently, and I bet it would have worked?

Sometimes I saw people doing [things], and then I’d be like, “Oh.” Other people would see them, maybe, changing the knobs… I’m not supposed to say anything specific. Sorry, but yeah, there were times when… I probably would’ve relied on my acting skills and done it that way, but there were a lot of creative ways people chose to sabotage the dishes .

After the episodes ended, was [there] there is a lot of anger between the rat and everyone? How did this dynamic unfold after the camera stopped?

There were none. I don’t remember much anger. No, it was kind of fun. The funniest were the people where everyone guessed a person, and that person wasn’t the rat. Then the person who was the rat was everyone’s best friend. When these situations happened, it felt more like a “no-one-could-believe-it” vibe.

Are there any plans for the future then in the future?

I hope they will make us do more. I do not know. Guess we have to wait for it to air and for TBS to realize what a huge hit it is.

Natasha Leggero hosts “Rat in the Kitchen,” which airs on TBS Thursday, March 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Karl M. Bailey