Newly married tenants lose Bowling Green home to tornado – Reuters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – While new marriages should come with their fair share of difficulties, Hannah and Joshua Claussen have had more than their fair share.

After the couple married in August, they began renting their first home together in Bowling Green…until the tornadoes came to town.

“We think it was a shingle break through our window right here by the tree,” Joshua explained, pointing to the broken kitchen window. “He brought this glass that was everywhere. There’s dust everywhere here from the storm. It has been a bit confusing as a renter just trying to navigate the waters,”

FEMA and emergency management are working together to help people like the Claussens.

Tracy Shirley, Glasgow/Barren County Emergency Management Director, advised: “Don’t let the rush of disaster cause you to make quick decisions. Make sure you think it through and check things out and make sure everything is what you really want.

Joshua said they were the lucky ones.

“Thank goodness our landlord was kind enough to give us back the rent we had already paid from December 11 to Christmas Day,” he shared.

However, when it came to finding a low-cost rental in a college town—a short-term rental that fit Hannah’s graduation schedule—luck wasn’t so good at first.

“In a college town during a normal semester, it’s hard to find a one-bedroom rental,” Hannah explained, “but after a tornado where everyone needed housing, it was even harder.”

The couple have finally found another rental in Bowling Green, which will soon be called home, but leaving their first nest together is a little difficult.

“I’m not super excited,” Hannah lamented. “I absolutely loved my home here. I loved the area and I loved my little house and I’m really sad to leave.”

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Karl M. Bailey