Nourish brings the Shetty sisters for his new TVC ‘#SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno’

Mumbai: In a recently launched TV commercial, Nourish’s ‘#SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno’, fitness icon and Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty (aka Munki) is seen advising her on-screen and off-screen sister, Shamita Shetty (aka Tunki ), on the benefits of consuming only unpolished legumes.

Conceptualized by Leads Brand Connect, the ad reinforces the importance of choosing the healthiest and most nutritious range of unpolished pulses. The ad aims to present the reasons and importance of eating unpolished pulses over polished pulses.

In the ad’s opening scene, Shamita, dressed as a detective, tries to search for the polished pulses from the dal box kept in the kitchen, to which Shilpa comments that she won’t find any polished seeds in the box while ‘they consume. Feed legumes, which are 100% unpolished, hygienic and healthy. In the second scene, Shilpa argues that Nourish pulses are nutritious and have high levels of protein. Being vacuum packed and zipped closed, the freshness and hygiene of the legumes is maintained. Close on the lines

#SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno, Munki ends Tunki’s struggle to find a polite dal in Nourish’s unpolished dal and tells him to be smart and make the right choice for his health.

“My staple lunch is always dal, chawal and roti. I prefer unpolished, fiber-rich, protein-enriched foods. What I love about Nourish is that their pulses are unpolished; it’s not what it looks like but what it does,” says Shilpa Shetty, Nourish Brand Ambassador.

Speaking on the latest advertisement, BL Agro Managing Director Ashish Khandelwal said, “We have always believed in providing nutritious and healthy food to our customers. Through this advertisement, we intend to further emphasize our uniqueness in packaging unpolished pulses to keep their freshness intact. .”

Richa Khandelwal, Managing Director of Leads Brand Connect, added: “The ad takes a more original approach by featuring Shilpa Shetty as the nutrition champion, while Tunki (Shamita) is a bit jealous that Munki (Shilpa) has always right. We wanted to create an ad that can keep viewers engaged to find out exactly what Shamita does and then highlight the benefits of Nourish. »

With the publication of this announcement, BL Agro is running a contest called #NourishTunkiMunki on all of its social media handles. The company intends to engage existing and potential customers through this contest, where winners are chosen daily. The contest questions revolve around nutrition and diet.

“The best part of the competition is that there will be not one but 100 winners every day. This will keep the levels of excitement and engagement high as the chances of winning the Nourish Baskets as giveaways are higher” , adds Richa.

The contest hashtags are “#SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno” and “#NourishTunkiMunki”, and the tag is @worldofnourish.

Karl M. Bailey