One of the best kitchen appliances you’ll ever use is $100 off

If you’ve ever considered buying a Ninja Multicooker, Prime Day is the day to do it. Having a multicooker like this in your home is easily one of the best decisions anyone can make regarding kitchen equipment. As one of the most versatile kitchen products you can buy.

And now for the rest of Prime Day Ninja is discounting its $100 Foodi 12-in-1 XL 8 Qt. Multicooker, bringing the price down from $229.99 to $129.99. This is a device that does tons of different things and lets you cook all kinds of different dishes easier than you might imagine.

Suppose you need to slow cook something. Like birria for tacos. But you also want to sear the meat to make sure you can seal in some of that flavor first. Well, the Ninja Foodi can do both. Plus, it’s also a pressure cooker and has the ability to sauté, dehydrate, steam, bake/roast, and more. You can even make yogurt in this thing.

In addition to the Foodi Multicooker, Ninja has a handful of other kitchen gadgets on sale for Prime Day worth considering. Like ice cream? If you said yes, good news. The Ninja Ice Cream Maker has also been discounted to $129.99. It does more than ice cream too.

It can also make ice cream which is much better than ice cream. As well as sorbets, smoothie bowls, milkshakes, and even light ice cream if you’re looking to cut calories. You’ll also still find the Ninja Mega Kitchen System on sale for $120, and the Foodi Smart Indoor Grill is on sale for $220 instead of $370.

Finally, Ninja has discounted its Digital Air Fry Pro to $179.99. This is an 8-in-1 oven that also works as an air fryer and toaster. It can also dehydrate, bake and grill food. All of these offers are only available for the next 12 hours.

Ninja Multicooker and more

Karl M. Bailey