Panasonic launches Prime+ Edition refrigerators

Panasonic Philippines introduces its first upgraded refrigerator line, PRIME+ EDITION, with cutting-edge technologies designed to keep consumers eating healthy and living well in the new normal. Incorporating two new features, FIRST FROST and nanoe™ X technology, this new range of refrigerators emphasizes two of the most important requirements in terms of food preservation: freshness and hygiene.

“Panasonic has always sought to explore new, healthier lifestyles and the introduction of PRIME+ EDITION is our response to improving quality of life without compromising form and function. Our refrigerator’s superior ability to store food in a fresh and hygienic state was designed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind, with a secondary objective being to reduce food waste, which is what we mean by innovative technologies,” said Kensuke Miyaji, General Manager of Overseas Marketing Division, Refrigerators and Dishwashers Business Unit, Panasonic Corporation.

At Panasonic, functionality goes beyond technological features. Invented for simple use, PRIME+ EDITION refrigerators are engineered with essential design principles and versatility to enhance the modern lifestyle. In terms of look and feel, PRIME+ EDITION refrigerators are designed with strong material for durability and finished with Japanese craftsmanship.

“PRIME+ EDITION refrigerators set the next generation premium design direction for Panasonic. To match the sophisticated taste of our esteemed customers without compromising useful functionality, we have designed this refrigerator – equipped with our exclusive health and hygiene technology – to be the well-designed solution for any kitchen space.” declared Ray Tan, Director of Panasonic Design KL.

New to the PRIME+ EDITION range is FIRST FROST, Panasonic’s original freezing and chilling technology that freezes food five times faster than regular freezing. Thanks to a dedicated compartment in the freezer, PRIME FREEZE is available in three modes: ‘Rapid Freezing’ which seals in texture and flavor as well as ‘Quick Cooling’ and ‘Cool Down’ to help save defrosting time for cooking. faster. Whether freezing as is or freezing by cut and prepare, the user can be sure that food, especially meat products, will be frozen in no time. This feature is also useful for those who always prepare homemade frozen food.

Another novelty of Panasonic’s original technologies is nanoe™ X which inhibits nearly 99.99% of bacteria, reduces pesticides on vegetables and removes odors. nanoe™ X contains nanoscale ions born from the moisture in the air which contain 4.8 trillion molecules called hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals have a bacteria-killing effect and can float to every corner of the refrigerator to keep food fresh and clean.

The existing functionality in the PRIME+ EDITION fridge is FIRST FEE, a unique technology to freeze meat and fish, as well as cooked foods to -3°C to prevent spoilage and bacteria growth for up to seven days freshness. This method, four times faster than conventional refrigeration, prevents the oxidation process and does not damage the cells, thus allowing nutrients and flavors to be preserved. It also makes it easy to cut food and cook it immediately without the need to defrost it.

“Wellness has always been important to us, but even more so now in the ‘new normal’. Choosing the most nutritious foods for healthy eating is key, but knowing how to store them the right way more optimal is just as important – that’s where Panasonic comes in. As experts in electronics technology and solutions, we create refrigerators to keep produce fresh so people can rest assured they’re consuming nutrition as Wellness starts with healthy eating, and it’s imperative for all of us to embrace this mantra to live healthier lives and improve our quality of life,” said Yasushi Kondo, President of Panasonic Philippines.

With the range of color and material choices, PRIME+ EDITION refrigerators complement a variety of kitchen spaces. From a storage perspective, more space has been designed by reducing the corner radius of the door pockets and a flexible configuration for trays and pockets has been included for better organization. Frequently used compartments are placed in the most accessible place and all shelves are made transparent to increase the visibility of the ingredients.


Elegant design

  • Sleek, flat contemporary design with no seams
  • The Glass Series comes with fully flat touch controls with blue LED indications on the door that allow users to change settings with the doors closed.

Freshness and hygiene for healthy eating and living

  • PRIME FREEZE has three modes packed into one compartment to quickly chill and freeze food approximately 5 times faster than regular freezing, sealing in texture and flavor.
  • Products stay fresh for 7 days, gentle freezing at -3ohC that retains nutrients and taste while saving on defrosting time with PRIME FRESH

Fights bacteria and keeps the fridge more hygienic

  • Nano-sized ions containing 4.8 trillion molecules with bacteria inhibiting effect
  • nanoe™ X inhibits nearly 99.99% of bacteria, removes odors and reduces pesticides on vegetables that are easily washed away with a water rinse

Product specifications for reference:

Model number NR-CW530XMMP NR-BW530XMMP
door color dark mirror dark mirror
door material Glass Glass
Ability Total 495L 500L
External dimensions (mm) W750 x D750 x H1730 W750 x D750 x H1730
weight (kg) 98 kilograms 97 kilograms
Refrigerant R600a R600a
Freshness & Hygiene First charge Yes (-50C to 40VS) Yes (-50C to 40VS)
first frost Yes Yes
nanoe™ X Yes Yes
Agricultural cleaning Yes Yes
Fresh Safe with humidity control Yes Yes
Surround cooling airflow Yes Yes
ECO ECONAVI Yes (5 types of sensors) Yes (5 types of sensors)
User-friendly Electrostatic TouchControl Panel Yes Nope
Tempered glass shelves Yes Yes
LED lighting Yes Yes
Automatic ice maker Yes Yes
Automatic cleaning (ice cube tray) Yes Yes
water fountain Yes (without plumbing) Yes (without plumbing)



Karl M. Bailey