Pokemon Kids TV Announces Live-Action CGI Video Series

Bombay: Pokémon Kids TV, an official Pokémon learning YouTube channel, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a series of live-action CGI videos titled “Pokémon Sweets Paradise.” The series, produced in association with Chinese video creator team Cat’s Kitchen, depicts the warm, everyday life of a man who lives with Pokémon and tries his hand at making new treats every other day.

“Pokémon Sweets Paradise” consists of three episodes, released in March, April and May. The first episode aired on March 15.

Following the popularity in China, the series is expected to be localized in English and made available on the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel. Hindi, Thai and Indonesian subtitles will also be used to attract more children and parents from different regions.

Along with subtitles, the channel intends to further localize the show with songs in different languages ​​such as Hindi, Thai and Indonesian. Last month, he released the song “Pi-Pi-Pi-Pi-Pikachu” as part of the pilot project.

Cat’s Kitchen is a famous Chinese video creator team that focuses on food as a theme. Launched in 2013, it has attracted more than 60 million subscribers and 78 billion video views in China. As part of the anniversary celebration, Pokémon Kids TV will also highlight its growing popularity with children around the world.

The channel surpassed two million subscribers, gaining more than 60 million total views in one year, the statement said.

Karl M. Bailey