uses Big Boi for TV spot

A new TV commercial from features rapper Big Boi welcoming a couple to their “Big Boi House” premiere.

The 30-second commercial features the Atlanta rapper and former Outkast member accompanying a couple as they explore their new home, commenting on their “Big Boi Kitchen”, “Big Boi Vaulted Ceilings” and “Big Boi School District” .

The commercial is the first Big Boi has done since an NFL and Pepsi Max commercial in 2011, and is supported by their 2003 single “The Way You Move”.

The couple featured in the ad are a young black couple, a choice that matters some importance as millions of Millennials come of age to buy homes across the country, and the data continues to show that black Americans are excluded from ownership.

“For too long, housing discrimination has dramatically hurt communities of color,” Micky Neuberger, marketing director of, said in a statement to Adweek. “At, we are passionate about helping black buyers achieve the goal of homeownership, which is an important aspect of generational wealth creation.”

Big Boi told Adweek he hopes to further the cause of black homeownership.

“We want to help more black people realize the dream of homeownership by celebrating those who make it come true and providing motivation and tools for those with hope,” he said.

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Karl M. Bailey