Samsung fridges cited in hundreds of CPSC complaints

Samsung refrigerators are among more than 20 refrigerator brands tested by Consumer Reports. Our refrigerator ratings currently include six CR-recommended Samsung models in the top-freezer and side-by-side categories (three each), but we do not recommend Samsung French-door refrigerators at this time due to their unfavorable rating for predicted reliability. . , according to the latest data from our member survey.

“For the French door refrigerator category – for which there were many complaints about Samsung models in the CPSC data – our survey found Samsung French door refrigerators to be only fair for reliability,” says Simon Slater, associate director of survey research at CR. . “For perspective, 10 other brands in our current ratings were rated Good, and only two other brands were rated Fair or Poor for reliability.”

CR only tests new products purchased directly from retailers, and when the new temperature-related performance of Samsung models tested was generally very good or excellent. Specifically, of the 27 French-door Samsung models currently in our reviews, 26 of them score excellent in our lab tests for thermostat control and excellent or very good for temperature uniformity. But our performance ratings do not reflect the durability, reliability, or long-term performance of the products.

This is one of the reasons why we conduct annual surveys, in which we ask our members about their experiences with the new refrigerators they have purchased over the past 10 years. We use this data to calculate predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings for refrigerators, as well as to identify problems with these appliances. Survey questions cover topics such as refrigerator repair experiences, prices paid for new refrigerators and repairs, and factors that influence refrigerator purchases, to name a few.

Based on our member survey data, Samsung French door refrigerators also receive a fair unfavorable rating for owner satisfaction. Samsung side-by-sides receive reliability and satisfaction ratings of Good and Poor, respectively, Samsung top freezers receive Excellent and Good ratings, respectively, and Samsung bottom freezers receive Good and Poor ratings, respectively.

Our predicted reliability score is based on a statistical model that uses survey data to estimate the likelihood of problems occurring during the first five years of ownership, while our owner satisfaction score is based on the proportion of members who say they are extremely likely to recommend a product brand to friends and family. Brands that receive Fair or Poor ratings for predicted reliability are not recommended by CR.

The CR member survey data also highlights brands with a significantly higher rate of specific issues compared to the average for other brands.

  • Samsung French door refrigerators have a 34% problem rate for “no water or ice coming from the dispenser” (compared to a median for all refrigerator brands and types of 15%) .
  • Samsung French door refrigerators have a rate of 14% for “ice build-up in the freezer” (compared to a median of 8%) and 17% for “ice build-up in the fridge” (compared to compared to a median of 6%).
  • Samsung bottom-freezer refrigerators also stand out with a 13% problem rate for “ice buildup in the refrigerator”.

Karl M. Bailey