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With the 2021 line of convertible French door refrigerators, you can convert freezer to refrigerator for additional storage space with just a touch

It is equipped with Twin Cooling ™ Plus technology for independent cooling of the refrigerator and freezer; Introducing a 580 L capacity for compact kitchens

Samsung, India’s most trusted consumer electronics brand and No.1 brand of refrigerators, today launched a new line of 3-Door Convertible French Door Refrigerators which are expertly designed for modern compact kitchens. With this, Samsung is expanding its Side-by-Side portfolio to meet the demand for large capacity refrigerators among consumers in India.

The convertible The option in French door refrigerators gives consumers the freedom to manage storage space according to their needs by transforming the freezer into a refrigerator with the push of a button. The beautiful, compact and flat exterior design of these refrigerators also sports a minimalist style. water fountain to get cool water without opening the door and keep the refrigerator cooling.

The stylish French door refrigerators are available in stainless steel and matte black finishes in two capacities – 579 L with water dispenser and the new 580 L without water dispenser. These will be available at all major consumer electronics stores and online platforms, including Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop, starting July 14, 2021.

French door refrigerators come with Twin coolingMT More technology that cools the refrigerator and freezer sections separately, helping to prevent odors from spreading and retaining the original flavor of food. Easy to activate Cool and Freeze The function reduces the waiting time when you need ice or chilled drinks faster.

To provide the convenience of storing more fruits and vegetables, it sports Large vegetable bins with a capacity of 21.7 L each and Larger door bins can easily hold 2L bottles. Convenient freezer storage with two shelves and a mobile ice maker provides ease of access and more space. These new refrigerators come with 10 year warranty on the compressor and digital inverter technology which saves up to 50% energy.

Indian consumers are looking for refrigerators that complement their modern kitchens and offer more storage space while being energy efficient. New French door refrigerators offer consumers the flexibility to manage refrigerator storage to suit their convenience with the convertible option. As consumer preferences change to adapt to today’s environment, wet Samsung remains committed to delivering innovations that help improve the lives of our consumers. We are convinced that French door refrigerators strengthen our market leadership in the Side-by-Side category ”, noted Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

“To meet consumers ‘preference for size increase, the entire range will be available on, our partners’ online platforms and also in major retail stores. ” Pullan added.

Prices, offers and availability

The 580L French door refrigerator will be available at a starting price of INR 89,990 while the 579L French door refrigerators will be available at a starting price of INR 95,990.

French door refrigerators are available on and at partner retailers across India, both in physical stores and online, from July 14, 2021.

Consumers who buy French-door refrigerators will get up to 10% cashback on credit and debit cards from major banks and will also be able to get simple, free IMEs starting at INR 2,499.

These new refrigerators come with 10 year warranty on the compressor and digital inverter technology which saves up to 50% energy.

Features of Slim Fit 3-Door Convertible French Door Model Refrigerators

Convert your freezer into a refrigerator

With the touch of a button, you can convert your freezer into a refrigerator, giving you more storage capacity. Now you can say goodbye to food waste and storage problems.

Twin Cooling ™ Plus

Samsung Twin Cooling PlusMT The technology works with two separate evaporators for the fridge and freezer to minimize temperature fluctuations. This innovation adds a new level of convenience that provides optimal humidity and temperature control to separate the moisture in the refrigerator from the freezer. Higher humidity of up to 70% preserves food longer. Twin cooling PlusMT The technology prevents the air transition between the two compartments, which prevents mixed odors.

Power cooling and freezing

The electric cooling option is located inside the refrigerator and freezer. Power Cool and Freeze technology reduces waiting time when you need to chill drinks or make ice in a hurry. Just press the respective buttons for 3 seconds and instantly get ice cream and cold drinks.

Minimum water dispenser

The water dispenser comes with an integrated water tank with a capacity of 4L. It adds convenience and helps save energy by keeping the refrigerator cooling because you don’t need to open the refrigerator door to get water.

Larger crisper and door bins

With a crisper and larger door bins, the refrigerator offers storage space that you can use to organize and store your fruits and vegetables separately. It comes with a capacity of 21.7 L for each box.

No burr to end

Now you don’t have to clean your fridge every day just to avoid marks and fingerprints on it to make it look better. Refrigerators come with a fingerprint resistant finish that protects the doors from dirty marks and keeps them clean and smudge-free

Digital inverter technology

Samsung digital inverter compressor lasts longer and saves up to 50% energy. Unlike conventional compressors, which only start and stop, the Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand in seven stages, reducing wear and tear. The inverter technology is certified for a 21 year lifespan with high quality components and is backed by a 10 year warranty.

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