Samsung refrigerators are the subject of hundreds of consumer complaints

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Overview of consumer complaints about Samsung refrigerators:

  • Who: Consumer Reports found that more than 600 complaints about Samsung refrigerators were reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission between January 2019 and December 2021.
  • Why: Consumers have reported issues with faulty ice makers and the inability to maintain proper temperatures.
  • Or: Samsung refrigerators have been sold in the United States.

Over 600 consumer complaints about Samsung refrigerators were reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) between January 2019 and December 2021, according to Consumer Reports.

Complaints about Samsung refrigerators include reports of faulty ice makers and the inability to maintain proper temperatures.

Consumer Reports notes that 211 consumer complaints cite food spoilage and 62 complaints cite food poisoning.

Samsung reportedly received more complaints during this period than any other manufacturer based on publicly available data posted on the database.

“The sudden increase in reports must have a cause completely unrelated to the quality of our products,” Samsung told Consumer Reports. “This is evident from the data you provided (referring to complaints from, which reflects dozens of models manufactured over an entire decade simultaneously and inexplicably developing issues starting in 2020.”

Samsung French Door Refrigerators Not Recommended According to Recent Consumer Survey Data

Consumer Reports tests more than 20 refrigerator brands and recommends six Samsung refrigerators (three top-freezer models and three side-by-side models). However, Consumer Reports says it does not recommend Samsung French-door refrigerators due to unfavorable reliability ratings based on data from its most recent member survey.

Consumer Reports testing is only performed on new products purchased directly from retailers. The new Samsung refrigerators tested by Consumer Reports reportedly received very good or excellent ratings based on their temperature-related performance.

Consumer Reports says it also conducts annual surveys of its members about consumers’ experiences with the refrigerators they’ve purchased over the past decade.

“We use this data to calculate reliability and owner satisfaction estimates for refrigerators, as well as to identify issues with these appliances,” Consumer Reports explained.

Results from the member survey data showed that Samsung’s French door refrigerators, side-by-side models, and bottom-freezer models had owner satisfaction ratings ranging from fair to poor.

Facebook group calls for recall of Samsung refrigerators

A Facebook group called Samsung Refrigerator Recall USA now has more than 100,000 members, according to Consumer Reports.

“Everyone thought that [their refrigerator] been [Samsung’s] just lemon, and then we started putting all these puzzles together,” Facebook group admin Tom O’Shea told Consumer Reports. He says the Facebook group encourages owners of Samsung fridges to pursue service claims and seek compensation.

Samsung faces a refrigerator failure class action lawsuit on issues with the external ice dispenser on French door models, including allegations that the ice dispensers leak, produce slush, and create excessive fan noise.

Another Class action against Samsung alleges that the company’s “fingerprint resistant” coating on some of its kitchen appliances is peeling off, leaving an “unsightly patchwork” of plain stainless steel and the black coating that has yet to peel off.

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