Samsung’s new refrigerators will brighten up boring kitchens

It’s not often that I’m excited about refrigerator doors, but Samsung’s bespoke French door refrigerators have been unveiled at CES 2022 definitely caught my eye.

The Samsung Bespoke line offers the very first French door refrigerators that you can finally match your kitchen interior style and inject Instagram-worthy appeal. In fact, Samsung’s Bespoke line is exactly what the market was lacking, putting an end to the boring, dingy refrigerator.

When I bought a new kitchen a few years ago, one thing I noticed was the glaring lack of fridge color options or designs available. Typically, you would have standard white, stainless steel, or matte black for some models, but overall no stylish styling or appeal.

However, Samsung’s new bespoke French door refrigerators are available in 12 vibrant colors to match your kitchen, offer the ability to “mix and match” panels and a choice of a contemporary glass or stainless steel finish. . Best of all, if you ever get bored and want a change, you can swap out the interchangeable panels to install the new color you want. Impressive!

Samsung custom white

Samsung custom white (Image credit: Samsung)

It’s clear that Samsung has given a lot of thought to its “designer” color scheme. With tones ranging from Morning Blue, Champagne Rose, Emerald Green and Gray to the most vibrant, Pink, Sunrise Yellow and Clementine, there is something for everyone. From a design standpoint, Samsung’s bespoke French door refrigerators are sleek, attractive, and incredibly eye-catching. Its “flat style” design makes it more streamlined to suit your decor – basically, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s a refrigerator.

As one of the the best refrigerators, Samsung’s bespoke French-door refrigerator comes in a range of sizes and available in a choice of 3-door, 4-door and Family Hub models to suit any lifestyle. It also has all the modern and premium features you would expect like Alexa and Google Assistant to make your life easier.

Inevitably, you can expect to pay a higher cost, with prices starting at $ 2,999, available from Samsung and some retailers. But if you’re looking for a refrigerator with substance and style to instantly elevate your kitchen, Samsung’s line of bespoke French door refrigerators just might be a worthwhile investment.

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Karl M. Bailey